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Jay's '92 SAS on F150's

Here in Nova Scotia, we mostly wheel in the woods and on the powerlines, where it's overgrown, muddy, snowy and dry in the summer.

I've decided to not put a ton of money into the TTB and do a solid axle swap. I bought a set of '197x' F150 axles - High Pinion open knuckle Dana 44 and Ford 9 inch with 4.56 gears. '197x' because the rear end is stamped 73, and it has drums up front so it could be a 73..who knows.

I've previously done this same swap on a 2002 Xterra with an 8.8 and a '79 HP Dana 44, so I'm armed with some lessons learned from that project. Namely, the upper coils towers were too far inbound, so the coils had a slight angle, which ended up pushing the radius arms off the axle mounts due to sideways stress.

A few thing need to be addressed with my axle purchase;
  1. it has drum brakes up front, so I want to swap to discs
  2. one side of the Dana 44 has a broken inner and outer shaft due to a blown ujoint
  3. it needs radius arm pivot and C's bushings
  4. the coil buckets have seen better days
I'll buy a Superlift adjustable track-bar instead of cutting and sleeving this one to fit. Superlift Track Bar

Hoping it should be a relatively simple swap since there's no IFS hardware to remove from the frame.

Goal is to;
  1. do as little fabrication as possible
  2. aim for bolt on parts
  3. make it look as stock as possible
  4. replace anything worn or broken
  5. try and keep the width as narrow as possible with large backspacing rims and narrow tires
  6. add some kind of traction device to the front or rear...maybe a lock-right or just lincoln lock the rear
Is there a coil bucket I can buy to use?

Started to tear into the front hubs ready to swap the spindles out for disks and to remove the broken axle shafts.
These hubs have different parts to the '79 axle.
Think I'm gonna need a lower coil mount too.



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March 6, 2019
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More tear down. This thing is in really good shape considering it's nearly as old as me.
Only broke 1 bolt...not too bad :)
Just waiting on buddy to get the disk brakes and replacement shafts, then I'll start on the Explorer.

'C' and radius arm pivot bushings came in from Rockauto...like and idiot I only ordered 1 'C' bushing. I'm sure I'll be placing another order soon tho.