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nssj2's SAS 5.0 Build

Here goes nothing. Time to get rid of the IFS and go soild. Just picked up the Dana 44 yesterday, so I guess I'm allowed to start my thread. The planning thread is here. I'm hoping to have this wrapped up in a month or so, and I'm sorry in advance for the newbie questions lol.

So this is what's going down.
97 Mountaineer 5.0 w/ 4406

79 HP Dana 44 FW, 4.56 gears, Superior chrome moly axles and soild ujoints, warn premium hubs, tbird calipers
Wild Horses 12" Extended radius arms, 4* bushings (need 7*)
6" Deaver Coils
12" travel procomp 9000 shocks
93 Toyota IFS Steering box
79 Bronco tie rods
Track bar from BC broncos
2010 Jeep Wrangler drag link
mystery pitman arm
94 aerostar steering intermediate shaft, lengthened 4"

94 Ford 8.8, 4.56, aussie locked
4" superlift springs
explorer disc brakes
87 jeep cj7 rotors

Tires: 35x12.5 Goodyear MTR's
Wheels: American racing black classic
And a couple pics, of course.


Stay tuned!

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I was hoping to maybe get a little more help on here, as many of you have been there done that and I respect a lot of people's opinion on this forum. I don't mean to come across as a pain in the sas, but I'm new at this whole axle swap custom fab thing, and could use a little guidance here and there. Also, I would like to make this thread fairly in depth so the other "new guy" out there has something to go on. I do plan on posting a parts list when this is done.

If there are any V8 guys out there with some details on your steering, I would very much appreciate it. The IFS box won't fit, at least any way I've tried. The AC compressor is right in the way of the steering box, even if it is as far forward as the body mount.

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Sorry for the rant, I'm bummed with the recent setbacks I guess. I did however learn why my box wouldn't fit. It appears to be from a 2wd. The casing is much bigger and longer (that's what she said, heh). No biggie, I got it for 20 bucks. I still would like to know if I that bracket I posted earlier would work, if anyone knows.

I would make your own bracket. You don't need it to be all fancy-shaped like that. Just make it a rectangle to match the frame.

I just bought some pipe with the correct ID for my bolts to run through. So, basically you can replicate that setup for a few bucks.

As for the box, I'd check out the 034x4's thread.

I'd like to see some pictures of the box in place too. If you happened to take any.

For lots of street driving I highly recommend making front sway bar work, you will want it after driving it without, regardless of your radius arm selection.

hey nssj, im new to the forum , and ready to start doing some light modding, do you by chance still have those war153 shackles still??? how much do ya want for em?? PM me

I spaced the box out from my frame with some plates and sleeved the frame. The only problem I had was the radiator to nut fit on one of the nuts, I ended up cutting a nut in half to fit the space.

Aha. That's very helpful to know. Now if only I didn't order the wrong damn upper coil retainers, I could get it on the ground to get the steering geometry. Fusion, is your box pretty level, or is it at a bit of an angle (if that makes sense)? Seems to me the pitman arm should be on a parallel plane with the drag link, but I'm not sure if that really matters.

Swaybar is still TBD, I'll see how these RAs work out. Damn that EVAP line in the driver's framerail though. What a pain to mount the RAs.

Failure to launch :(

So the first major major roadblock happened today. And prevented me from finishing. The radius arm "stubs" sit 2" inside the framerail on either side. The problem with that is the radius arm brackets only offset 1" inside the framerail. Has anyone else run into this???? This is honestly the last thing, everything else aside from drilling the steering box mount is done, making this even more frustrating :(

Bunch of pics today. Sadly, more problems though. Maybe someone can enlighten me by looking at the pics?







And now the fun ones :cool:



OK, now the issues. I can't, no matter what, get things to line up. As soon as I get the RA stubs even, the front coils are off. And vice versa. The pics are taken with the RA stubs even. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, the RA mounts won't bolt up even like Stic-O did em. not huge, as I'll get a set fabbed. Annoying though. Last, look at the steering. I can't see a way the IFS box is going to work, maybe yall have another idea? The pitman arm there, which is real short (ignore the short drag link, got it free) seems too far forward. Could the forward FJ60 Box could work? please fellas, I'm at a loss on this steering situation.

I'm not certain an FJ60 box would work with that coil bucket there.

Loosen up the 4 bolts that hold the radius arms to the C's at the housing, keep just enough tension on them to hold it all together (while taking the lower spring cups off), and then tack the radius arm mounts in place. It will go, and it wont bind.

And nominee for dips#$t of the year award goes to.... me! lol. I finally figured out why things weren't lining up. EB radius arms don't bolt to fullsize RA caps. Well, they do, but the coil buckets don't. 1/4" spacers between the caps and the arms, and life will be dandy. I saw 034X4's steering, and saw he mounted his IFS box vertically. I wasn't aware this could be done, as I assumed it had to be at an angle. RA mounts will need to be fabbed, and I'll post a pic of what ended up working when I get them back. I'm pretty sure SMORR is out though. Today was definitely a FML kinda day lol.

woohoo its comin along ... slowly but it is =p

Updates Pics? hows it going? More details since I will be doing my V8 hopefully in 2 years

Didn't read everything to see if you fixed your problem but I had to make shims for the front to go under my coil mounts. Once I did that everything is perfectly straight. Looking good so far! Makes me wanna straight axle and convert my 96 to 4x4 now!

Yeah, I'm kind of a turtle when it comes to my projects lol. A full time job doesn't help either. But as of a few days ago, that's no more. With all this new time, let's just say by friday, there should be a fun picture or two ;)

Final roadblock, except this time is a satisfying one. I don't have a jack big enough to install the springs :D.

On another note, some last minute steering questions.

Is it worth reusing the power steering cooler?

Since the pump needs mercon, and the gear box doesn't specify, what kind of fluid are you Toyota IFS guys using?

Ok, here she sits after today. Things left to do:
-Find correct pitman arm
-connect steering lines
-connect steering intermediate shaft (in shop at the moment)
-mount track bar
-mount shocks
-bleed brakes
-fix front dshaft
-the entire rear lol

But it should be trailerable by next week, which is the goal


Steering brackets (1/8" and 3/16")





ah, much neater

is this pinion angle bad?

Now if only I had a bigger jack, it would be rolling

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If that's ride height, then yeah I think that pinion angle is going to lead to problems. Its better to error on having the pinion pointing up instead of pointing down (which is what you have in that pic).