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jshexplo96 (Robbs 95 EB SAS)

So I think its probably time to start this thread so I can recieve info as well as constructive criticism. As some of you know I bought Robbs 95 SAS from him and have since been planning on putting an axle under it. (when i got it it had no suspension what so ever under the front...7hrs just to get it on the trailer) :rolleyes:

Well here is what Ive got planned...

For now I am using a yj d30 for mock up until I can find a Waggy 44.
I order trailmaster 4" lift 7-leaf waggy springs for the front. The back has a SOA with 3" blocks. Once I get the front on and get the explorer on the ground, I will decide what to do in the rear...i.e. if the front is higher then I will remove the blocks and order lift springs. If it is lower then I will try to remove the blocks.(basically dont like the blocks at all)!! I am working on the front crossmember/springhangers right now. I am gonna do shackles in the rear. I am really taking extra time to make the crossmembers and hangers bolt on...then if everything is right..weld it all up. Hopefully if someone likes it then I could make another one that they could bolt on at their house and then take it to a welder to weld. (pretty much trying to get a solution for those who dont have a welder handy at home, as I dont. All my work has to be done at my parents house)

The truck already has the steering pump mounted and plumbed, I think I am going to make a plate to reinforce it as it looks like it my be kinda weak.

Here are some pics for now...I will update soon with the crossmember and hangers..


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