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Memorial weekend camping at Fresno Dome


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January 14, 2001
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Tracy and I decided that with Bailey at 15 months old it was time to introduce her to tent camping. A local 4wd club that Tracy and I joined do the trail maintenance on two trails just outside of Yosemite. The plan was to go up and do some work on them over the weekend. Typically this time of year in the Valley floor we are seeing temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's so getting up to 6000' is a nice break from the heat. A few days before we are to leave the weather forecast turns to scattered snow showers in the mountains. Tracy wants to back out and cancel but I convince her that weather people are never right and it is the end of May it will not snow. Besides if it gets to bad it is just over an hour drive home so we can always come home early if we need to.

With my ranger still broke and Tracy's jeep to small to fit three and the camping gear we decide to just take my full size up and camp and hitch rides as needed. Friday we load everything up and head up the hill. As we get close to where we will be camping some white stuff starts hitting the windshield. Tracy says that is it we are going home. I remind her it is scattered showers and am sure it will pass. I pull into camp and it continues to snow.


Here is Tracy and Bailey enjoying the snow.


We give it some time and it is still snowing.


So after waiting 4 hours for the scattered showers to pass I finally cave decide that we need to head home. Bailey decided that the car ride home would be a good time to crash in the back seat.


Once home while Mom and Dad were unloading the camping gear Bailey decided to watch some cartoons while sitting on the dog.


I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and thanks to the troops who make the day what it is.

Love the red cheeks on Bailey:D I can't believe how big she is!