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MoabB2's Body Restoration Thread

Its a no go on the alignment today. I was hoping they could find a set of stock spacers, but they can't. Mine are only 50 miles away, I wasn't given them when I picked up the vehicle from the restoration shop. So, I guess i'll have to deal with it until after the shows in California and Moab the next two weeks.

Ok, a little update:

I was finally able to get it aligned properly. After dealing with extreme positive camber, and multiple alignment shops telling me it can't be done, I decided to pull the F150 Coil Spacers. Then the factory insulators were placed below the Skyjacker coils and the truck was realigned. This time the correct camber shims were used and the positive camber was gone. In fact, I now have a slight negative camber, which is fine with me.

She drives like a dream.

Got a bunch of trail time on her this past weekend in Moab. I was able to run Hells Revenge, Flat Iron Mesa, Fins N Thing's, and Poison Spider Mesa. Other than some power steering issues, the only problem I had was a Check Engine Light due to code(thanks 410 for the scanner) P0708.

At the time I thought it was a code related to my purge tank. I reread this thread and found that I was actually having that code previously too.

hahaha we have been over this before man, P0708 Digital Transmission Range Sensor, it gets aligned with the shifter arm on the trasmission when you install it.
The shift linkage must also be adjusted 100% correctly.

IMO this code is not detremential right now, not until you get your 02 sensor wire issues figured out, and you might find the DTRS code is replated to your 02 sensor codes, since all the wiring goes through the same two plugs (on trans and to PCM from trans)

Sure enough, two days after the code first appeared, my shifter linkage goes out on me. Only left me stranded for 3 hours, and I rigged it up so that I could get off the trail.

So, is my best bet the Ford Dealership? I tried hopelessly to get that thing aligned and I still have nothing with my column shifter.

if the linkage is at fault I would get the steering column/linkage setup from a 5.0L explorer and use will need the cable and the bracket on the transmission if you dont already have it.

Your 89 is already a column shift but the detents are setup for an A4LD not the AOD-E (5.0L explorer, or 4r70w or AOD-EW depending on who you are talking too they all have th esame shift arm travel, detents and shift pattern)