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Now own a 2023 Ford Explorer.


August 17, 2022
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Killeen, TX
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2023 Explorer King Ranch
After failing to get a custom order in for 2023, and most likely unable to get my custom 2024, I bought a 2023 White King Ranch 4wd as a compromise.

So much to learn and adjust. Probably going to take a week to get things adjusted where I want.

Initial impressions are the quality control could be better. Hope to fix/adjust some minor stuff.

I wanted no moon/sunroof, bench seats for second row, messaging seats, and green paint.

I got moon/sunroof, bucket/captains seats, no messaging seats, and White paint.

Traded in my 2018 F150 Lariat 4x4 5.0l max haul with black/sports package in Leadfoot. Gave the sales guy/manager a good offer, but they tried to play games with the prices. I explained I made my offer prior to driving up there, and was not wanting to play games and had other dealerships with the same vehicle. They took my fair offer. $55,000 for their King Ranch Explorer (MSRP $61,945), and $31,000 for my paid off F150 valued between $35 to $37K with 47,000 miles (using whatever discounts and adjustments they wanted, including rebates and $500 military/first responder cash). My logic was rather than than wasting time trying to sell my vehicle and worry about taxes/gains, by trading it in I saved time and taxes on my new vehicle.

While my last few vehicles have been 0% APR through Ford, I was looking at $2.9% for 60 months. I got 1.9% from their financial person, which I was happy with. Their financial person thought it was odd that I wanted my payments at a set exact amount. I explained I always did that make tracing my finances easy, and Ford usually just had my final payment/payoff as a lower amount.

Not sure how long I will keep this vehicle, usually I do 10-15 years. But this was kind of a pressure buy, as I wait to see what the 2025-2026 Ford Explorer, Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro, Acura MDX Type S, and Subaru Outback Touring have to offer in their new models.

$450.00 a month, for the next 60 months. Definitely drives different than my F150, and seems to drift more on the highway will a little more road noise and little sounds. Still a lot of tech stuff to adjust, learn, and get used to. But I wanted a smaller/shorter vehicle


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Congrats. Trading it in does save a lot of headache so leaving some on the table is worth it. I'd say you got a good deal.


I can’t believe a new explorer is 62k!!!!

They sure are nice vehicles, thanks for sharing


I can’t believe a new explorer is 62k!!!!

They sure are nice vehicles, thanks for sharing

Prices on everything are up. Expeditions and F150 can be $90-100K plus. I did debate a $80K Expedition, as the Expedition/F150 seems more refined/durable. But it’s too much money and too high of an entry for my wife. The new Toyota Tacoma’s are crazy expensive I feel for a midsized pickup truck.

Agreeeeed!!!! $10 is the new $1

A number 5 meal at Burger King is $14.50!!

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I remember when all the gas stations had to add a 3rd spot to their signs for the $1. Position!!! It was a big deal the signs all had to be modified with a new 3rd number mount, the store had to order a “1” and get out there with the suction cup pole to change the digits for base, mid and premium. Now the numbers start with 3,4,5,6 and in California even a 7!!!!