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all of my stuff is starting to get here so i guess ill start a thread.

I am doing a SAS 4x4 converstion on my 95 ford explorer. phase 1 will be the SAS, once it is done ill start worrying about the transfer case/driveshafts.

I am using a dana 30 from a 95 cherokee. It already has the 4.10 gears to match my rear.

I will be using an EB suspension. I found a guy with an EB and i cut off all the suspension parts. here is what i am using:

radius arms, coil buckets (top) shock mounts, coil buckets (bottom)

4" radius arm drop brackets from 79 bronco

5" wildhorse coils

I am welding the axle wedges to the dana 30, They are made for a dana 44 which has an OD of 2.75" my dana 30 has an OD of 2.5" I will be building up the axle housing with 2.75od .12wall tubing.

I am going to tack the axle wedges on when it is under the truck and i set the caster/camber on the axle. this should be about 10 degrees slanted forward. with my 4" radius arm drop brackets. This cuases a problem of also pushing the spings forward but i finally found a solution for that. seirra broco makes shims for them.
check out the pic and you will see what i am talking about.

I am using stock 2 degree bushings since i am setting the axle wedges.

I have not figured out the steering or track bar yet, I am going to wait till I have the axle under the truck.

This set up should give me around 10" of lift.

I will get some pics of the bronco suspension parts ASAP. every thing was pretty rusty when i got them. took 2 days, 2 angle griders, 3 wire discs, and a bunch of cutoff wheels to get everything lookin good. everything is primed, ill pait it tommorrow.

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Sound nice. What size tires do you plan on running? Sorry I can't give you any advice since I don't know anything about a SAS.

sounds like you have a great starting point


I was talking to Section525 about trying to find a good deal on some rims and tires...and i see that you live in Alpharetta Ga. as well. And i read about how your about to get into high gear with this 10" lift or so and was curious if u wanted to get rid of your 33's. (he told me you had) if so let me know..thanx alot

right now its lookin like 35 12.5 bfg mud terrain KM's

so your gonna hold on to them im guessin?

here are some pics of radius arms, shock shock buckets coil buckets and the axle.

I am waiting on the coils, bushings and shims, all of which should be here this upcomming week.

I am having a hell of a time getting the spidle nuts off, already been through a bottle of liquid wrench and broke my breaker bar!!!!

hopefully I will have all the jeep stuff ground off by tommorrow so i can prime and paint the axle.

QUESTION: can i make a drag link with hem joints at both ends? can i bolt the hem joint to the pitman arm?

Dead Link Removed

those are link i came across during my swap research progress.

i dont see why you couldnt get a drag link made with heim joints - but is it really necessary?

the only thing about bolting to the pitman arm is that the bolt has to be tappered... i think ranger tapers from 7/8" to 1/2" but am not for certain on that.

sounds like you have a stellar plan... i cant wait to see the progress pics.

btw- your truck looks great now - but damn when your done its going to look SICK!!!

i just realized that you in GA! my uncle and a few other cousins live in covington which is right down the road from Alpharetta. ill be seeing them this summer. its only liek 5 hours from here.

you know what htat means? im buggin you everytime flexplorers has a run:D one of our facorite places to run is right on the GA border jus south of valdosta. should only be 4 hours or so for you to there.

good deal!

you have some good places to wheel in GA? like rich mountain and others?

Check with CoryL on the draglink and steering. He is making my steering setup with heim joints and .25" wall tubing. Price is about the same as buying stock steering components, but a heck of a lot tougher.


i dont live in GA anymore but my parents still do. I am in nashville now. let me know when yall get a run together it would be worth visiting home and doing a little wheelin

well i pretty much have everything, I desided to go with a caster arm/caster wristed arm setup.

both are caster arms for on road, pull a bolt and and one is wristed.

Got a steering question.

I have both in and out hydro lines on the ranger steering box. will they work if not what do i need to get.
Question 2: I also have the ranger steering shaft on the steering box will it bolt up to my 95 shaft ( where the body lift ext comes in?

also anyone

steering shaft you are goign to have to fab... by combining the 2. check out my thread in the registry it has pics of the steering shaft.

on the ranger gear box - the small inlet fitting is the pressure line. the only thing youll have to do is buy a ranger pressure line at parts store ($17) and reuse your return line.

youll need to either sleave or double plate your frame where you mount the box. i did not plate it on my first mounting and it started bending the frame in. i used 3/8" plate onthe outside and used 2 .25" x 2" pieces of steel to space the box and also reinforce the frame. this seems to be working pretty well. coryl's setup on robb's looks like the most proffesional way to go.

DUDE! those radius arms are intense! i love them.

:D :D

Glad to see you are continuing with your project, I agree with Gabe, awesome radius arms!!:eek:

well looks like i am going to have to abort again. I have to start working the day after graduation so i wont have the week or two off that i was planning on. the lease on my house is up august 1st so i will most likely move into an apt so i dont know where i would put all the stuff let alone where to do the swap at.

1200 bucks for everything you need for the sas. I didnt have the radius arms made but i can set you up with the guy who makes them. they are around 300ish

email me at if you are interested

I am in nashville TN I can deliever to atl or anywhere between

well i said screw it i am going to do this damn thing.

need a couple of things before i start.

anyone have a part number the part that i need to hook up the jeep brake lines to my explorer hardlines?

which power steering hose will I have to replace? I have the hard line from the ranger pump but the big black (return?) was cut.

anyone know the size of bolts that bolt the poer steering box to the frame?

right now i am shooting for the weekned of the 28th and 29th I am planning on doing hte entire thing in one weekend.

I am sending my radius arms in to have caster arms/ made tommorrow. and it will take a week - 2 weeks to get them back.

jeep to explorer lines - i dont have part number. i took jeep flexi lines with me to parts store that carries fittings (NAPA, pronto, im not sure advanced carries them) and matched them up. get fitting for 3/16" line (thats what ex is) and get a flairing tool kit ($30) or take to brake specialist (i got runaround on this and bought tool myself, you may have better fortune where you are at.) I think the fittings cost $2 a piece if not less.

you can reuse your stock ex return line. you need to purchase ranger send (pressure) line ($20) it has the small end that fits to your steering gear box.

The bolts came with my steering gear box. they are approx 6" hardened. im not sure what the actual thread size is (metric or SAE) you may have to order from ford or haul steering gear to bolt store and find one that fits. if memory serves it seem sliek it was a 5/16" coarse thread (but im probably wrong.)

work your ass off but expect it to take a little longer than you think. wife told me that she doubles everythign i tell in terms of time. thats usually about right.

im glad to hear you are going hrough with.... i knew you would:)

if the weather here stays crappy this weekend ill bring it over the the hardware store and figure out what size they are.

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If you have that much stuff going on in your life right now, it probably isn't the best time to get into a SAS. Not to question your abilities or anything, but the odds of you getting it done in one weekend are slim to none.

Just being honest with ya......................