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o/d light flashing in 4wd


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January 21, 2011
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Madison, wi
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'95 sport
Ok so i've got a 95 sport with a rebuilt 4r55e. I swapped in a manual 1354 but left the shift motor plugged in and just zipped tied it to my frame. Occasionally when im in 4hi or 4low and have the front axle engaged i get a continuous flashing o/d light. Tranny never skips a beat. Still goes in and out of o/d with the light flashing. But i have to pull the pcm memory fuse for it to go away. It will not start flashing in 2wd or even if i simply engage the transfer case. I must have the factory switch engaged to lock the front axle disconnect and only when its on and im beatin on her does it flash. And not everytime either. I haven't had a chance to get the code read. Any thoughts?