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O/D Light flashing -no codes


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July 6, 2009
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1996 explorer
I have a 96 explorer 131000mi. The o/d light starts flashing when you drive approx. 15 mi. You can stop and shut the rig off and continue driving and the light does not come on again until the next stop and start. Here's a quirk, while it is flashing I get a hard downshift from 2nd to 1st. and I can here the ABS system kick in (the pump or whatever it is) while stopping normally. On acel. it shifts fine, the tran was services by Ford @ 80000, currently fluid is clear and no smell. Could this be the ABS drivetrain sensor. Tried to read codes with a Checkers $300 OBDll and it just found an emmisions P0400. Please advice. Thanks.

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Doesn't anybody have any advice- I can't believe this has been viewed so many times but no ideas-help please!
Thank you

I had that prob at 80k and sit at 140k now. I looked for a while and found out that it was a major transmission prob but never got more than that. I disconnected the battery for hours on several occasions and somewhere in that it stopped flashing. Sorry that i have...hope it helps

Obviously you did not have a serious tranny problem if you got anothe 60000mi out of it. Can a ABS driveline sensor cause the o/d light to flash?

You have to scan it with a scanner that is capable of reading these special codes. Not every scanner could read these codes.