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Polishing stock wheels?

i recently just purchased some bronco II wheels for my 93 explorer. I know these have clear coats on them. They look pretty good for the price(65$) but would polishing them with a polisher and car polish, and waxing them help reduce some clear coat oxidation and bring back some shine? Because I know you can't use metal polish on these because of th clear coat. I don't think stripping the clear coat is necessary either. Any advice is great thanks

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I would think any polishing is going to remove the clear that's on them. Typically they oxidize because the clear has been compromised.

I recently purchased my 1991 red 4x4 4dr and it came with 3 of what I have been calling Aluminum, half dollar holes with a lot of rivets. 15". they are rough but repairable. A few weeks later I traded into 3 more of the same and they make the 1st 3 look pretty good. The 6th one I will be using to experiment with my clean up technique and then it will turn into a water hose hanger. Yep ! that bad. # 5 is barely going to make a spare and # 4 is not much better. 2 of them need a little welding work on the way outer edge but would still work without the welding.
I found a youtube video
of a guy using spray can paint stripper from Wmart.
The product seems to work well. First I am going to sandblast with woreout sand, the backside and outer hoop then do the chemical stripping on the front. There are spray can clearcoat products available, but I would think that automotive clearcoat with a hardener in it would be the best finish.
Ill document the procedure and make a new post when I fix them up.

I've used this on some junkyard American Racing Magnum Stingray alloys. Took tons of elbow grease, but they got to an almost mirror stage. Since the clearcoat was damaged or gone, they required yearly work. I only ran the wheels from spring through fall. The last time they were on my Paseo, I left them on too late in the year, and got some minor winter road chemical damage.


I bet that is good polish. I'm wondering what product to use to clean up behind the polish before clear coating ? The polish has to leave a residue