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Saginaw power steering pump conversion journey

It's been holding up well over the last 15k or so miles...
...I went with the Ford Van pump because from the charts I saw on Pirate4x4 the Ford pumps had more PSI (1300 psi IIRC) stock than any other Saginaw pump, including the GM ones. Also, by using the Ford pump I can use an off the shelf high pressure hose.


Thanks for posting this write-up and parts list. I plan on doing this conversion soon on my rig as I have managed to kill both my steering gear and PS pump...again. That pump is louder than my engine most of the time and is always struggling with 35s.

I'll let you know if I am successful!

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Thanks for the informative post and inspiration, Maniak!


I noticed that my 1994 explorer and my spare 1998 ranger 4.0 engine have a slimmer power steering pump bracket with a cut out to remove the pump without taking the pulley out.

This bracket is much thicker and was removed from a 1992 explorer.

I tried to remove the pump without pulling the pulley on my 94. Found out the bolts are too long to get the pump out without removing the pulley first.

I tried to remove the pump without pulling the pulley on my 94. Found out the bolts are too long to get the pump out without removing the pulley first.
Good info, thanks. I looked closer at the picture and see why! :banghead: I never had to remove one yet.

My 93 and the bracket I got from a salvage yard were both the slimmer cut-out version. Made clearancing the bracket for the psc adapter much quicker and easier. I will be running a PSC saginaw style pump and reservoir for my hydraulic steering setup.

I finished replacing the Astro Van reservoir with the PSC reservoir.

Here are a couple shots of it.. Video is still converting...

Ford Power Steering to Saginaw p-pump conversion - Revision 2 with PSC Remote Reservoir by maniak_az, on Flickr

PSC 8.25 -12 AN / -8 AN remote reservoir on saginaw pump conversion by maniak_az, on Flickr

I took it on a longer test drive today (about 10 miles each way) and the power steering pump was quiet the entire time.

Once I have the video upload you will be able to see the problem I ran into and that the PSC remote reservoir solves it.

That remote reservoir is pretty big. I have it less than 1" from the hood and it is still a little lower than I'd like it to be but since the hose is really short I'm ok with it having to flow upwards a little.

Hopefully I'll be able to post the video link tonight... My first video conversion failed as it ended up as a low resolution (360) video with all kinds of artifacts.

Where did you relocate the vapor canister for the fuel tank to?