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Serious Explorations 10th Anniversary Run

Where should our 10th Anniversary run be held?

  • Truck Haven Southern California

    Votes: 43 21.3%
  • Moab Utah

    Votes: 33 16.3%
  • Phoenix Area Trails

    Votes: 14 6.9%
  • Colorado Trails

    Votes: 43 21.3%
  • Badlands Attica Indiana

    Votes: 69 34.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Who needs to have a "10th Anniversary Run"? Why don't all us midwest guys and maybe the east coast guys have a run at the Badlands? Or just come join the RRORC for the annual Fall Out run? I'm not saying that we don't have a 10th run, but why wait?
Here is the thread about the Fall Out Run withe the RRORC...

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I think you are missing the point to this thread. Its all about a 10th anniversary run.

Spas said:
I like the idea of one big celebratory run one weekend and then a few regional runs all to be held on the same day (but a different weekend than the main one). That way we can all share in the fun

I second this. I think this has been the best Idea yet. 1-2 months prior to the actual 10th run, we have a (west, east, mnt. and central) mini-anniversary rides. This will allow for those who can not make the 10th run to enjoy on the festivities. Then the pre-trip guides can send a video tape into Rick and he then could display it at the 10th ride.

Splash, I know where you're coming from but 10th anniversary run is gonna be different. I still remember the one we had a few years back when guys from Iowa, Ohio, Arizona and Colorado joined us in Attica, Indiana for the Superlift 4XAdventure. That was great. Getting all these guys just for a simple run is not possible. Also... I have never really joined RRORC on any of their escapades... I would rather go as we used to... guys from the Chicagoland area for a day at the park.

BTW I just bought a project... work starts today. Hope to finish so I can take it for a test run this year.

Here's the link to the story:
Dre's back in the game

Yeah, I saw the pic of your new toy. You should be able to throw this one togeather in a week or so after all the others you have done. ;)
I was just thinking maybe a smaller run come spring with some of the east coast guys that could come and us local guys would be nice. Sort of a scouting run for the bigger "10th" run. I don't see many if any of the west coast guys coming here to wheel and most of the north eastern guys probably wouldn't either. Just too far of a haul for some, just like why I don't go to Moab or Paragon.
You know me, I can pretty much run down to the Badlands any weekend as long as I have a week or so notice and I'll have my new Bronco II ready to wheel in a month or so. I can always throw the 33s back on the Explorer and wheel it a little too. Just have to be nice to it now since the wife drives it every day. :rolleyes:
I figured if some guys wnated to get a look and feel of Badlands before the "10th" run the RRORC "Fall Out" would be a good time. It isn't any where as large as our "Chubfest" run is, maybe 1/4 of the rigs. The RRORC run is probably going to be the weekend of the 11th of Nov and that is usually the latest I like to go, once it gets cold wheeling gets a little less fun for me with every degree it drops.

I'm with you... as long as I can get my hands on some lift parts and front end parts for my truck I can have it ready by fall. Spring run would definatelly be perfect.


im gonna fix my tranny and ill mob for sure....truckhaven bebe

Indianapolis,IN would be great.....

jukejohn said:
Indianapolis,IN would be great.....

Where you gonna wheel in Indy? :p

I didn't vote, but i'm up for it. If i have a date to go by and something to plan for then i'll make it. I'd like to go to the badlands, but i'd like to wheel with some of the west coast guys since i've never been out west.

Katrina Victims

Katrina Victims. If you need a place to stay, I have two bedrooms in a 3 bedroom house in Atl area, Georgia. Food banks here are helping with food and clothing.

I know i'm not a regular on this site but i would definately be attending if you have this run in attica.I don't get much competition around my home town. I've been dying for an excuse to go to the badlands. it should give my truck the challenge it needs. 91 explorer,351w,c6,high pinion dana 44 narowed, 9" rear,5.13's rear spool front powerlock.38.5" swamper sx's.1200lb warn. soon to be injected.see why i need more of a challenge.besides i think it would be a whole lotta fun, i know from freinds with zuki's that zuki melt is a ball..please let me know if this is where you are going to have it, and if so count on me for sure..thank you.

We are working on the details for an Attica run as we speak. Should know more in a couple days.

ill make the drive to attica. its only 16 hours from here.

If my truck will be ready I'll be there... if not.... I'll be there!

What has been decided for the east coast run?

I'm not aware of any discussion for it yet...... I'll contact Rick and see what he says.

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I was hoping the East Coast guys would have started to work on something. We have a date for Moab and we're pretty sure we have a date for Attica. I just need to make a couple calls to confirm Attica and then I'll post the info.

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