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Serious Explorations 10th Anniversary Run

Where should our 10th Anniversary run be held?

  • Truck Haven Southern California

    Votes: 43 21.3%
  • Moab Utah

    Votes: 33 16.3%
  • Phoenix Area Trails

    Votes: 14 6.9%
  • Colorado Trails

    Votes: 43 21.3%
  • Badlands Attica Indiana

    Votes: 69 34.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Gravy. I have ADD. I never pay attention. I don't even pay bills. Sense there is those runs coming up soon, I won't say another word. I just really want to go run through some mud with some friends.

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you should come to URE when we go on the 3rd, its gonna be a good trip, what you got on your rig/on your friends rigs?

I voted T-haven only because I was planning on going this time (I know I've said that before).
However, I'm in the same boat as all the rest of the West coast folks, if its on the east coast, I'm not going. Co, Az, Ut, Ca are all good for me...

410Fortune said:
Maybe we should just crash Easter Jeep Safari, hahaha I could see it now, all the regulars, "what do you mean my room has been taken by the Explorer crowd?"

I second this

This poll is now closed.

The votes for Truck Haven and Colorado are super close. That leaves me with another dilemma. Besides an East, West split, the Western states are also split.:eek:

Here's the question... Can we split the difference and go to Moab?

That will be the subject for the next poll!! ;)

Badlands had a great showing and we'll definately have a run there.

For the folks on the East coast, I see no reason why we can't have three big runs throughout the anniverary year. That would give people in each region a chance to participate. I don't have an exact startup date so any time is a good time for an Explorer run ;)

Badlands would even be a perfect spot for a get together... people that won't run would be able to meet face to face. Run would be great... I think

I think a 10th aniversary tour will decrease the signifgance of "THE" 10th anniversary run. A centrally located run should suffice and sure people will be upset but the western states have the Cali end of Summer run, the Truckhaven Run, TDS safari, EJS MOAB, etc that all have big showings. Why not have the central US run as the 10th anniversary run and call it done? Once you devide it up into seperate runs you might as well just continue on with the runs you always run and just know that the forum has been around for 10 years.

I'm fine with that, but many are not. Like so many people have stated, even having it centralized like the badlands I'm sure you're thinking is still a long ways away from Cali for example. Alot further than NC.
I like the idea of one run, but there would be hardly anyone (imo) from cali and the far western states, including me, that wouldn't show up if it were too far (ie: badlands)
it just wouldn't work all that well to have ONE run.

ok, I've said enough and I'm probably just dragging this thing in the dirt too much.

Rick said:
Like Tom Cruise said in Risky Business... "Sometimes you just have to say WTF and go for it" :D
I think he said; "Sometimes you just have to say WTF, and make your move", but I could be wrong. :p

Sure its farther for Cali than NC but think about Maine, NJ, Vermont, Newyork, and Eastern Canadian members.

I'd say that having three runs will not be that much of a problem. There will be people that would want to go on every one of them. That should be OK...


Gajeep said:
No, he is probably laughing at us quibble. I think I can hear him laughing as I type, I know I would be. Rick, we support you man;
Some Ideas to help you:

YES!!! - GRAHAM (Grass Roots Automotive, Hobby, And Marine) is all in favor...

I'll be bringing my 24" 6,000 LB tandem axle behind my unmodified (daily driver) 98' Expedition. The "BIG GRN" 1992 X will be on top for the drive out. Make it close to me so I can afford gas and tows for the 'injured'. :>)


I like the idea of one big celebratory run one weekend and then a few regional runs all to be held on the same day (but a different weekend than the main one). That way we can all share in the fun. For us in the Mid Atlantic bunch it would be Paragon or Raush Creek, but I'm sure we can talk the New England bunch into coming down to join us ;) I'll still try and make it out to wherever the main jambo is, though.

RockRanger said:
So here is my question. Can you east coasters show where ON THIS BOARD they have started, planned, and pulled off a multiday offroad run with more then 20 registered members of this site in attendence with there own vechicle? I would just hate to see a big run planned then fall apart because too many had too high of ambitions and didn’t show up.

We've never had as many as twenty, but we do regularly go on runs. Anything over 8 makes for a tedious day on the trails, actually.


I missed the poll but would have voted for Colorado. Being from Chicago, the Badlands are (obviously) closest but I have relatives in Colorado and know they would tag along. Plus, after 'wheeling in the Leadville/Camp Hale area in a stock rental Mounty, I'd love to go back with my truck.

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I would be in if you run at the badlands. I've heard nothing but good from the guys i know that have been there..

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