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Such thing as a 4" SOA?


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March 30, 2007
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91 XLT
Ok, I was wondering. Is there anyway to do an SOA and get only 4" of lift? Say like maybe use a spring pack from a explorer sport on an SOA. I don't know just kind of thinking out loud. Whatdatink? :rolleyes:

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What if he were to use some sort of stinger set up? This could control the axle wrap with the thinner spring pack....

It would probably be too soft since the sport is lighter than the 4 door. Instead of just spring wrap, you would bend the **** out of them or break them. My stock 4 door leaf packs were bent, I couldn't imagine what the sport packs would look like after I used them.

Do you just want to lift it 4" or do you really want an SOA for the clearance? I would just get some 4" lift leaf packs and be done.

Use Ranger leaf packs. They're about 2" lower arch than Explorer springs.

I am trying to stay low for a better CG. I don't plan on going any higher for a long while. I would love to get 4" in the rear just trying to do it on a budget. I have aal's in the rear now and it made the ex ride to stiff. I want nice and soft. I was thinking about buying the ome leaf spring pack but they only had them for a 96 and newer ex. Plus they were 175 a side. I was just trying to think outside the box. Maybe I'll try the ranger springs with a SOA. HMMM.

ok...I did not know that. Looks like I may have to bust the budget a little bit more. Thanks Froader

im sure when you weld the spring perch on your axle you can prob cut or grind it down to where it is closer to the axle.
on mine there is about a 3/4 gap between the underside of the perch and the top of the axle. so in theory you should be able to move it down to the point when the under side of the perch is either on top or just a hair over.

I would like to try and stay spring under. I was just thinking out loud about the 4" SOA. Anybody on her running the Old Man Emu leafs? If I added the Warrior shackles to the OME leafs would I be at about 4"?

I was looking at my rear suspension and thinking about this as well. I think you can get down to 4.5" of lift from SOA

The axle tube is 3.25". The spring pack and axle perch measures 2.25". This is the 5.5" that SOA yields. If you remove the overload spring, you can loose .5" of lift (w/soa). That will put you at 5" of lift. It looks like a 4.5" rear shackle could work in place of the factory 5.5" shackle. This would drop it another .5" for a total lift of 4.5" I've read posts on here that shorter shackles could yield .75" drop at most but risk the spring eye hitting the frame, so I'd say just 1" shorter for .5" drop would stay conservative and still be able to flex. It would have to be tested though.

I know I threw this out there when we talked cmhaah, but I think it's worth bringing up. I think some Astrovan fiberglass springs can be mounted up SOA and you won't be sitting too high. I was looking at them at the pick and pull and you'd need custom purches and stuff, they are like 3 1/2 in wide, but they are a single leaf half inch or 5/8 inch thick.
Anybody up for a little research and development? :D