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SOA + 4" Lift Leaf Springs?

All trucks are different. Nobody can tell you for sure what you'll need to do. Some people have had to extend the drive shafts with just a 6" lift, some haven't.

I'm not sure if it's a looks thing you're going for, but I have 36s on ~6" (SAS and SOA w/stock springs) of lift. There is very little trimming in the front, and none in the rear.

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okay, I'll just lift it, see what I need, and then extend it when I get time, guess I'll loose my ex for more than a day now!

I run 35's on my 94 and only have a 4" suspension and a 3"BL.........

Heres a front view........

And yes I wheel it with only slight rubbing.......

true..the cut and turn has been a good way of doing this and preserving the TTB.. i always forget bout that one

really I was only joking, myself I really would not suggest stacking them.the steering would be pretty jacked up.

in terms of shocks..yor gunna want shocks that are for THAT inch of lift you have.. not 8in shocks with a 6in lift or vice versa.. they will be useless.

5.13s with 35s is robably gunna be good.. i hav 35s and 4.56s
i like it but with the 4.0OHV i could use a lil more a$$ even.

but with this big of a lift i would use bigger than 35s! and then def bigger gears

Does adding a 3" body lift require bigger shocks? Or does it do just whatthe name implies, move the chasis up 3"?

No new shocks for a body lift. A body lift does just what it's called. It doesn't affect the chassis at all.

yes it simply puts more space in between where your body and chassis meet. there are lbushings in there from the factory to cut down vibrationand i suppose some other practical uses. a body lift replaces those bushings with taller blocks to raise the body up higher off of the frame. therefor no suspension is invovled in that equation therefor now shocks.