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How to: The Borg Warner 4405 Transfer Case Rebuild Diary

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4405 TC 97 explorer

I just replaced the nylon fork bushings and am getting gear slippage when I let of the gas at almost all speeds. Just lost all forward motion except for 4 low. currently driving in 4 low w/o front drive line to be a little mobile. gears were all in good shape along with bearings. not metal fragments. transfer case fluid was very old when I disassembled. Please let me know what I missed. thank you

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I´m with the same problem of foxchase, anyone knows a good solution for this?
My nylon bushings and Hi-low range are new, the shaft of fork are with omega bushings.
Anyone can help me? My vehicle is stopped with TC opened...

Best Regards


Great job on the diary!!! it helped me a lot. i have a problem with planetary gear snap ring. on your picture i can see two ends of it. in mine one end of the ring broke and i cant see it at all. i wondering if you have any suggestions how to get it off. what exactly did you break when you pressed it out. also i find broken hose to oil filter and exploded bearing behind planetary gear. oil was ugly sludge and i wondering should i change clutch plates when i at it. whats the torque specification for the nuts that you have to undo after taking off drive shafts?



I just disassemble my transfer case and I have a question, can you help me?
The number 01 is locked in number 02, this is right? Or the number 01 should work moving into the number 02?
The teeth on my part (02) are very worn and locking the piece (01) and do not know if I should buy another piece.


The new part arrived and it is not welded, but it is locked.
It has an ink mark defining the right spot to lock the two parts.
I will install and post the result.

1998 BW4405 is equal to 1997 BW4405?

The BW4405 transfer case used by the 1998 Ford Explorer can be used in the 1997 Ford Explorer.
The 1997 Ford Explorer also uses the BW4405, but I doubt if there are differences. Are exactly the same?:thumbsup:

Mechanically they are the same. Electronically, they aren't exactly the same - the difference being that the 98+ dropped a VSS sensor at the rear output flange. So this means that: a 97 Explorer's 4405 can be used in a 98 Explorer but a 98 Explorer's 4405 can not be used in a 97 Explorer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post the info on the 4405..I have been looking online for info on this case for 2 weeks and nothing comes close to your detailed info you have saved my week and my job literlly...Lewis

Glacier991, great job!

My case at open, at to confirm some procedures.

With his diary I realized that I will review some details before closing the box.

In my case, the truck vibrated above 90 km/h, in consequence of a fork bushing that crumbled and two bad bearings.

I hate to drag up an old post but, does anyone know what the part number is for the mating gasket between the tranny and the t.c.?

No but i do know the dealer has access to it...bought one a couple of years ago

Thank you. I was trying to find one this weekend but, I guess it will not happen. I wasn't sure if local auto parts stores carry them or if I have to order one. Is it safe to use RTV Black?

I can not withdraw the satellite assembly before removing the lock that is on the bottom of the cover. Already disassembled the box draw but always have to open your legs to withdraw the latch assembly without the latch. This lock after I retreat.
# The result is a great job to be able to open the lock legs and grab the satellite. Is this how it's done?


He was off at the exit to the rear prop shaft, then disassembled for repair and cleaning.

What is the trick to open this snapring? and to part out the planetary?
I've my back to the wall. :mad:


thx Wolle

twisting COMPANION FLANGE with hand


have a short question about the effort for spinning the COMPANION FLANGE by hand.

Befor rebuilding my TC, there was no resistance to spin the COMPANION FLANGE by hand and it has a little tolerance.

At the end of this rebuild i tighten the nut with specified torque 300NM, but now there's so much resistance to rotate the flange by hand and has no tolerance.

If i loosen the nut the main shaft rotate more slightly.

What was my fault while i was assembling the TC together?

Thanks in advance


Does anyone knows the part number of this:


Where can I find this part???

Thank you!!!!!!!!

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Good luck for your transfer case rebuild!!!
What about this part? (broken?)