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What lift for my explorer


September 27, 2009
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Fresno, CA
Hey guys I am pickin up my 94xlt this weekend and want to lift it right away. The biggest lift I can find is the 5.5 superlift. Is there anything bigger? If not I plan on getting that with a 2" body lift. Would I need anything besides longer brake lines? Any suggestions? All suggestions appreciated!!

Thanks guys

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what size tires are you planning on running, are you going to modify the fenders any? stock axles? re-gearing? i personally would recommend 33" tires max and a 4" lift max. tires bigger than that wont fit in the wheel well (33's will even rub a little) and over 4" of lift ruins the geometry of the TTB front end and will cause it to bind unless you move the bump stops down (therefore defeating the purpose of lifting it in the first place, imo) although you may be able to purchase cut/turned beams and help with this problem a little.

you should also plan on lowering you're axle gear ratios, if you're going to run a tire 33" or more.

and i would stay away from a body lift, not only do they look stupid, they have a tendency of breaking, coming loose, among other problems. plus they dont gain you anything except wheel-to-fender clearance (no added travel or ground clearance etc)

....unless of course it's for mall crawling or some other kind of lameness, then by all means, run 36's, and lift it like a foot using blocks and body lifts ewwww..

I mean really.
I'm about ready to close my account just because of people not searching.
It's so boring having to read the same questions over and over
Stock subs, lifts, engine not starting, o2 sensor going bad, how to replace fuel pump, what size lift do i need, can i do a v8 swap. ugh.


But if people found everything by searching the boards would be dead and sometimes search doesn't turn up what you need.

For the OP(original poster) if you lift your vehicle 4-6" you are going to need a lot of things besides the lift. Extended shocks and brake lines. Maybe some drive line work, that one I don't know about. Then there's the gear ratios for the bigger tires to worry about. And you are going to have it in the alignment shop a lot. Recommend a lifetime alignment from Firestone.

If you are looking for cheap and functional, then a 3 inch body lift and a 2 inch suspension lift is the way to go. It will get you 5 inches of lift and 33's fit really nice. I just got 35's two days ago and made them fit with a reciprocating saw and a big sledge. Do what your wallet will allow and keep us posted on your modifications!

I plan on running 33's until i can gear it and have no problem modifying the fenders. Im not sure what to do then because i really want to lift it more than 4 inches. What if i get the superrunner radius arms with the 5.5", will that make a difference? I know i wouldnt be satisfied with a 4".

Thanks for your suggestions guys. helps alot! :thumbsup:

Get the 5.5" Superlift or Skyjacker 6" with the Superrunner steering and extended radius arms. You'll be able to fit 35s with minor trimming to the front fenders.

ex: BKennedy's - You can see where he trimmed the front fenders.

Although you can fit 35s with a 4" lift if you aren't afraid to trim the front (or get fiberglass) fenders and hammer the firewall back as much as you can.

ex: My old one- Trailmaster 4" lift with stock radius arms.

I could not find the skyjacker 6" anywhere. Does anyone have a link? If I got the 5.5 or 6 with the radius arms and steering will it sit level? I plan on running the lift with 33s till I can gear of for 35s.

Appreciate the help guys!

Actually I'm not sure if they still make the Skyjacker 6", :eek: but you might be able to find it used. Also if you're not already, broaden your search by looking for 89-97 Ranger (front) lifts too.

Radius arms have nothing to do with the amount of lift. That is the coil spring and drop bracket's job. To get the rear level with the 6" front, you'll need to do the spring over axle (SOA) and maybe a shackle, or custom leaf spring packs.

Wow... that's it. :)

They don't use the SOA brackets they use blocks (in that pic youl linked), because Rangers are already SOA from the factory. You'll have to either find the Superlift SOA "flip kit" or if you're handy, check out Danny's SOA thread and go from there. :thumbsup:

from what i have read, with the 4" lift and AAL the rear will still sit lower. But with a SOA without the AAL it would be higher than the front. Is this correct?

Is there any way to lift the front a inch or 2 to level with a 4" with SOA??

If not, with the standard 5.5" superlift kit, would it sit level? IF so, Im on a budget and would not be able to afford the radius arms or steering kit for a while. Would that be a problem?

Thanks again guys!

...The answer is yes, search F150 coil seats...;)

...You might find some helpful info in the "How to" found in my signature...

Sweet man! just what i was looking for. Awesome write up!!:thumbsup:

With that in mind, The rough country kit for an explorer is $680 because it makes you get AAL's. Since i would be doing SOA instead, Could i just buy the 4x4 Ranger kit which i believe is the same except it give you blocks for the rear for only $440?

Appreciate your guys's help!