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  1. N

    Mint 1994 Navajo- Keep it stock, modify, or buy another one?

    Hey y'all, Hope everyone is enjoying the no more lockdown wooo wooo. I have a 94 Navajo 2 door w every thing you could want from factory Dana 35, 8.8 in the rear, 4.10 gears, sea foam green paint, 100k miles and runs mint for the year ive had her. Also just did a cat back muffler swap to give a...
  2. F

    Major Power Issues

    Hello everyone, So to kinda help more here's my explorer and the events that happened. I have a 94' Explorer Xlt With the 4.0 OHV. It's a solid front 4x4, Automatic with the sad A4LD, (Got like a 2.5" lift with 33"s and a remote start from previous owner *kinda shoty job*). But here recently...
  3. B

    New To Me 94 Sport RWD Manual - First Things First

    Hi All. Was gifted a high mileage (210k) but garage kept 94 Sport RWD w. Manual Trans. Looking for some advice on maintaining and improving such a beautiful high mileage machine. I'm partial to the stock look of it so lift kits etc aren't my thing. Mostly for city driving and occasional...
  4. bikerchick4God

    Relationship between calipers and transmission

    Hey y’all. My SUV is a 94 Ex XLT 4.0L OHC 2WD 4DR 300,391 mi. The following symptoms presented on 3 occasions between May and Aug 2019 on roads with speed limits of 55 mph and under. steering pulls to the left; shakes some steering wheel drives 15° rt of center won’t shift into 4th gear...
  5. K

    Fuel Pump Issue

    Hello All! I have a 1994 Auromatic Explorer w/ 4 wheel drive. At the end of March I started having issues starting. Replaced the battery, that didn't help, so I dug deeper and realized it was the fuel pump. Replaced that, issue went away. Fast forward to Oct, she has a rough sounding start...
  6. B

    94 Bearhug survival thread

    Hey all, I've seen a lot of fun and entertaining build threads on the forum and thought it about time to contribute my own. But as I'm a broke college student the thread will be less about building it up, and more about keep it alive -- thus survival thread. Hoping ya'll can help me in this...
  7. G

    Engine swap for '94

    I've got a 4.0 SOHC engine out of a 2001 Explorer Sport XLT (2wd, 4 door, auto), and I'm about to attempt to put it into my '94 Explorer Sport (2wd, 2 door, manual). Will it even work? If so, what pointers would anyone have to offer? Thanks in advance.
  8. C

    Acts like choke stuck, but what choke???

    Hey All! What would act like a stuck carb choke on a 94 Explorer? Bad Behavior is more common after the truck has run a while normally, shutoff and soon restarted --that's when the fun begins; idle increases, some stutter and power drop outs occur, and there is a funky exhaust smell. Any...
  9. S

    1994 Explorer XLT AC leak...

    Hey all! I'm new here. Finally became a member because I've got a question. I've got a 1994 Explorer XLT. It had been sitting in a garage for a number of years before I bought it. That was last October. Since I live in Idaho the AC hadn't really been too much of a concern. Now I'm down in...
  10. A

    Any input on 1994 explorer for sale?

    New to the Forum I am going to look at a 1994 Explorer XLT 4x4 this weekend. I've done some searching around on here but was hoping for some insider knowledge from some long time owners on things I should be looking out for? Not looking for general car buying knowledge but first gen explorer...
  11. C

    Good News About the '94 X and a Question

    It's been a while since I checked-in. I went down to SC around Thanksgiving to visit family. While I was down there I did some maintenance on both Explorers. I got the AC fixed in the 2004 Explorer and did some other things. Back in January, I bought the '94 for $400 from a guy who said...
  12. F

    1994 explorer anti-theft no power

    I'm pretty sure I am having a problem because of a malfunctioning anti-theft system (I don't believe it is aftermarket). I seem to have a slightly different problem than other threads that I've seen on this sight. A few days ago, I unlocked the driver side door with the key, opened the door and...
  13. T

    4x4 Light on after roadtrip

    Hi! First time posting to the forum! This last summer I was on a 250 mile road trip in my '94 Ex on one of the hottest days we had in Minnesota/Wisconsin. On the way there, well let's just say I was pushing it a bit on the Wisconsin freeway and it started to overheat. I pulled over, let it cool...
  14. C

    A Tale of Two Explorers

    I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer, V8, 2WD, and a 1994 Explorer XLT, 4x4. I'm in seminary up north, so I bought the '94 for cheap hoping to use it up here. It's back home, at my parents' house, and I am guessing they don't want it sitting around in their yard too long. I was given the 2004...
  15. V

    Where is my coolant leak coming from?

    I have a '94 Navajo w/ stock 4.0L V6. I have a serious coolant leak that I suspect is coming from the lower intake manifold and hopefully not a corroded or cracked one. The vehicle was dry until I filled up the radiator so there is no extra pressure on the system and you can see where the water...
  16. V

    New here

    Greetings from northern Colorado. I have a '94 Navajo that is pretty much stock except 1" body lift and running 31x10.50 w/ Warn manual hubs. I currently have a coolant leak from somewhere above the block that I hope to fix tomorrow and if not my time here may be short. If all goes well I'm...
  17. B

    Rattling/Grinding Noise On Startup and During Acceleration

    Good Evening Everyone, So I own a 1994 Explorer XLT, and I just drove it from Seattle to Tempe, and it ran fine the entire time however it started making an interesting noise around the halfway point of the journey. The sound can be described as a rattling or a grinding, and it only happens for...
  18. F

    1994 B4000 transmission bolt lengths

    I recently dropped my transmission to replace the clutch. I am usually very good about labeling my bolts, but idiot me piled all the tranny bolts (one-at-a-time) on the table. I then noticed, a day later, that there are 5 shorter bolts (appx. 2.75 inches in length) and 3 longer bolts (appx. 3.25...
  19. Number4

    Solved 94 Explorer Motor Mounts Replaced

    So with my engine out I was wanting to replace the motor mounts. Ex only has 137K or so on it, but I figured now was the time to do it. I searched the forums and the only thing I could find was a 'how-to' on a V8 model. And reading that just about made me roll the carcass out into the...
  20. F

    Need help, 4x4 control module rewiring

    i have a 1994 ford explorer 4x4 started flashing then went dead. did some looking test light on module doesnt flash at all. I found a leak in wheel well so im prity sure i soaked it. im looking to rewire a 1996 4x4 control module in its place. they work the same correct? I need 4x4x control...
  21. S

    Smoke and Metalic Smell Help!

    I noticed a metalic smell in my 1994 Explorer 3 days ago. Then yesterday after driving for about 15 minutes, I parked and had smoke coming from under the hood. On inspection I noticed the smoke was bellowing from the area of the oil cap. I checked the oil, it is full. (I have had some small...
  22. R

    Oxygen Sensor install help

    Ok, so I've been driving around with a check engine light on for like a year now, knowing that the drivers side oxygen sensor is causing the light to come on. So I finally got around to getting under there to change it a couple days ago and what do I find? The sensor is fine...but the wire has...
  23. H

    1994 will start then idle down and die after 5-10 seconds

    Just bought a 1994 Explorer XLT. When I start it, it will run for a good 5 seconds @1200 rpm, idle down to 800 rpm then sputter out and die. If I hit the gas while it is dying it will stay running. What could the issue be? I'm pretty new to this stuff.
  24. K

    91 explorer body and transmission/ 94 engine

    I got a used 94 explorer engine for my 91 explorer. The engine was incomplete, because the intake manifold didnt come with it; so i put my old 91 intake manifold on the 94 engine. Everithing bolted on right. Plugged up all electrical, but i didnt lable the vacuum hoses to where they go and join...
  25. A

    1994 Ford Explorer

    Hey, I'm Ashley. I am an owner of a 1994 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. It sets pretty on 33' Micky Thompson wheels and 10' Micky Wheels. Lifted with a 2' suspension as well as a 3' body lift. Many more plans for my baby.