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  1. B

    2007 XLT stealthy light bar install

    - 2007 Explorer XLT - 32" curved LED light bar - MICTUNING single lead wiring harness and zombie lights switch
  2. C

    LED Headlight Conversions

    Has anyone done a conversion to LED headlights on a 2011-15 Explorer? If so, what kit? I have a 2014 Limited and was considering HID conversion, but would rather go LED if they are as good as HID. Also, how does the LED work in the halogen projectors?
  3. M

    Laserfit led light bulbs

    Put some led bulbs on think it looks pretty good make a difference too. Headlights and fogs.
  4. Pete165

    How To: Rear Dome Light LED Replacement

    For those wanting to replace the rear overhead dome light with a better looking white LED. I can't recall if there is another how-to thread on this, but here you go.. Sorry there aren't more pictures. I didn't think to write this until half way through. You'll need a standard 194/168 type...
  5. E

    Headlight Performance Review

    I just took delivery of my new 2017 Explorer Sport. I love the look of the headlights, very aggressive looking and the LED strip illumination is stunning. I live in a rural area and the low beam LED headlights output a lot of very white light, work great and do a great job on their own. Add...
  6. jsgoofn

    LED Front Turns

    I am hoping that out there in Explorer land, there is someone who has successfully installed LED Front Turn signals either with or without resistors that can help me figure out a problem. I installed some high quality LED front turns (3157) and successfully changed the programming to stop the...
  7. N

    Looking for exterior led mounting ideas

    been thinking about adding led off lights to my 04 exsplorer but want to get some ides from what others had already done. The first spot i was thinking about was putting 2 3x3in spot lights inside the front grill and finding a way to snake the wires thru the fire wall. Let me know where youve...
  8. T

    LED FYI 2nd gen Sport Trac

    Hi All, New member, long time lurker. Wanted tip everyone off if they did not know, i used an aftermarket 3rd brake light / high mount LED replacement on my 08 ST (2nd Gen) and the brake light function worked fine but the Cargo bay lighting did not work and poped a fuse. (ebay buy). replaced...
  9. M

    LED Third Brake Light Dead

    I have a 2001 Mountaineer 5.0AWD, and it has the LED strip 3rd brake light. I'm not sure if it is original for this model, but it stopped working recently. It is a complete assembly that it quite frustrating to remove ( glass has to come loose!!o_O) And I cannot find this part anywhere. Also...
  10. S


    Self Have been Driving mine for the past year as it is a base model "SIGNATURE LIGHTING" is missing from the Head Lamp trying to push some replacement in its place 1st One Failed as i need to have a Factory installed Board which will be replaced by the below...
  11. Indispensable Explorer

    Bull/Push Bar thoughts? Suggestions?

    So, running for more than an hour each week down a small, unlit, truck route has taught me that the lights on my beloved Explorer are pathetic. I don't have too much faith in the "upgraded" halogens or the aftermarket LED upgrades(too many bad stories). After some thoughts I landed on the idea...
  12. C

    96 Explorer XLT LED Mounting Brackets?

    I've been playing around with the idea of wanting a LED light bar above my windshield on my 96 XLT. Turns out, nobody makes the standard door jamb mounts specifically for them. They do for Rangers, F-150s, etc.. Question is: who has successfully used mounts or brackets designed for the vehicles...
  13. C

    LED Light Bar Mounts

    I've been playing around with the idea of wanting a LED light bar above my windshield on my 96 XLT. Turns out, nobody makes the standard door jamb mounts specifically for them. They do for Rangers, F-150s, etc.. Question is: who has successfully used mounts or brackets designed for the vehicles...
  14. C

    LED tail/stop lights.

    Convertes al lights on my 96 XLT. Used white LED bulbs in the rear stop/tail lights. Also have new lenses. I though they would be brighter. I figured white would shine through the red lenses better. Now I'm debating on using red. Anyone have input?
  15. C

    LED Tail Lights

    So I converted all my lights on my 96 XLT to LED. I used white LED bulbs for the stop/rear lights. I have new lenses & they looks great. I was originally contemplating red LEDs instead. But figured the white would shine better through the lenses. Anyone have any input on which is brighter? Red...
  16. C

    LED Conversion Issue

    96 Ford Explorer XLT. Replaced every single interior/exterior bulb to LED except headlights (still waiting for those). I also used a LED flasher relay to prevent "hyper-flashing". All lights work fine, except when using my turn signals, the third/high mount brake light lights up, but is dim &...
  17. DSC_00301


  18. 2016 Explorer Sport

    2016 Explorer Sport

  19. N

    LED Reverse Lights

    I'm looking to replace the regular bulbs with LED's. I own a 2008 Explorer XLT I believe it's been done before but how would I go about removing the tail lights in order to actually remove and replace the bulb? Is there anything else I should know? Thanks.
  20. NickyB

    2016 Explorer Hideaway Bulbs / LED's / Strobes

    Hey everyone, I've been unable to find anything regarding hideaway bulbs in a 2016 Explorer. I was looking to add the hideaways in the tail lights in 1 of 2 locations; I was hoping someone has drilled into these before and knows more of what to expect once going through the first layer of...
  21. B

    Right rear brake light not working

    Hey y'all so my folks have a 2015 Ford Explorer XLT but the thing is they have one tail light cracked. They did not see any need to replace it as the crack was not noticeable and all the lights worked. The problem was that we recently had some heavy rain and now it water actually slipped...
  22. J

    Interior Light Replacement?

    Evening, I just went through my dash lights and got them all replaced with LED's, still pretty happy with those. I'm just wondering now as they're quite a bit brighter than the stock bulbs, how many other interior bulbs can I access and upgrade? Figured I'd start with my radio and shifter...
  23. G

    Does Anyone Else Hate The Amber Headlight Housings?

    I have a 2013 XSport and I've always swapped the amber parking light bulbs with switchbacks (they illuminate white until turn signal deployed they flash amber) in other vehicles. I do notice the parking light area of the housing has 2 separate bulbs- one dedicated solely to parking lights and...
  24. 4

    2006 explorer Flasher directional relay

    So I was thinking of installing led as park light + front directional signels on my 2006 explorer and for that I am not sure to use resistors. I have read about relays and would like to know the location of flasher relay ..which is under dash somewhere .
  25. L

    Would these LED's fit?

    Does anyone know if these would fit my 1999 explorer? And if so, has anyone seen these in action? I wanna know how bright they get and whether to get blue or white http://www.carid.com/lumen/lumen-plazma-led-lights-10064468.html