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  1. A

    99 explorer fog lights mod!

    Hello, Its a 99 explorer limited with a 5.0.... So I recently purchased after market fog light housing. There very similar to one of the jw speaker fog lights. There led. But I read that it's easier to remove the bumper to get the old housing out??? Do I need to do that and I also read that...
  2. D

    LED Headlight Bulbs

    I'm about to buy a set of these to try in my car. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEW-80W-CREE-LED-Headlight-Conversion-Kit-H4-H7-H11-6000K-White-Light-Bulb-Lamp-/321936364867?hash=item4af4e71543:g:SBcAAOSw8-tWXbu7&vxp=mtr Everyone knows about the HID craze right now, but I'm very curious about...
  3. B

    as I can connect LED with only 2 cables+/-, to the factory alarm cables,or other way.

    Greetings do not write a lot in English but I will try, I have a 2005 Ford Explorer 4.0L 4x4. I would like to help someone, please. ebay buy an LED light of various movements with the idea of ​​putting it connected to the alarm, to make it look nice and also the rascals away without using the 45...
  4. H

    Pre runner build

    got myself a 2000 explorer 5.0 v8 a few months ago. immediately started tear down and got rid of the entire interior. i wanted it super basic as this is going to be an off road only vehicle for me. Got some new wheels and some 33" general grabbers, did a full roll cage that is not quite done...
  5. N

    LED lightbar install

    hey guys, I found a good deal on a 22 inch lightbar, and I want to mount one in behind my grill, anyone done this before? Is 22 going to fit? Im out if town and not near my X, its a (05 XLT) if anyone has any suggestions, tips, etc or even a picture with the grill off so I can grt an idea if...
  6. D

    Need Measurements!

    hey explorer family! my explorer is currently in the mechanic shop waiting for a new engine to come in! while I'm waiting i want to order more led light bars for it! but i need measurements. i would like to go there and take measurements myself but its 15 miles away + tolls. i just need measures...
  7. D

    Both tail lights flash with turn signals

    I recently replaced all front and rear turn signals and the tail/brake lights with LEDs. I got an EP27 LED relay from Advance Auto, so there's no rapid flashing. The only problem is that now when I use my turn signal, both front turn signals flash (as if I had the hazards on) and both rear...
  8. D

    Ideas on Light Bar Mounting Location

    I'm thinking of buying an LED light bar, however, I can't seem to think of where/how to mount it so I'd like it. The main concern is, I can't have it on my roof if it's higher than the roof rack. I park in a garage on a daily basis and this is what limits me from lifting the Ex higher...
  9. X

    LED head light swap DIY

    :hammer: Here is the DIY (This is how I did it, When you change the light(white light),the item will be more lighten than orginal,so perfect!)
  10. D

    Project "Night Light" LED Light Bar mount build

    Hey guys, I am building a light rack for my pickup to eventually hold a 42in led light bar. This is the first time I have ever tried a project on this scale and it is/was a lot of fun! I think this will get some of those creative juices flowing and hopefully inspire some of you to start a...
  11. B

    Colorado 02 X XLT HI!

    trying to piece together things i want to do to my XLT. I've seen a lot of google search of "Jarvis" i like the LED headlight mod. and Some rim suggestions. I need help with some of the favorites!!
  12. M

    LED Conversion Phenomenon

    So I wanted to replace all the bulbs in my 2000 explorer xlt 4x4 and I knew I would need an LED flasher, got one, works, all LEDs work as well. Funny problem, with the lights* off my blinkers cause the opposite sides tail/brake light to blink as well and vise versa, with lights* on my rear turn...
  13. L

    Aux Reverse lights Wiring

    Hello all, I have seen many wiring diagrams but none that I can find that do exactly what I want to do. I plan on mounting two lights on the back of a 1997 explorer with factory tow package (4-way harness). Can I use the Running/Tail light wire (brown) and ground (white) to power the lights...
  14. S

    interior aux LEDs and fixtures

    Never realized how addicting lighting improvements is. After HID heads and fogs, blue puddle, license, and map lights, I have a bunch of spare LEDs that I want to play with. I'd like to put LEDs in front footwell and under second and third row seats. It's easy enough to add a switch and use...
  15. D

    How to Wire Auxiliary Reverse lights that come on in reverse

    Hey guys, This video shows you how to wire auxiliary reverse lights so that they come on when you put the truck into reverse. I know wiring scares some people but it really isnt that bad. Let me know what you think of my setup!
  16. J

    Halo/Adjustable LED

    Does anyone know if anyone makes a halo LED headlight, i.e. Oracle lighting, that has colour changing and such for a 98 explorer? or can I fit the 2001 headlight housing into my truck? any input would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks ~John :exporange
  17. D

    Greetings from your newest Vendor specializing in headlight customization

    Greetings Ford Explorer Family! It is an honor to be your newest registered Vendor. Our specialty is the manufacturing and customization of Automotive Headlights. Anything from custom one-off paint-schemes inside the headlight shells, to projector retrofitting and specialty-LED placement...
  18. M

    Instrument Cluster Wiring Diagram Needed

    Hello fellas! Well I have switched all 16 lights in my instrument panel to LED's, the ONLY downside I have found is when the truck is running, the 4x4 button lights are dimly lit. That's not much of a problem though. BUT it made me decide I want to add resistors to the wires so I know everything...
  19. E

    Interior Lighting Assistance

    Basically, I have an 11 foot strip of green LEDs that I can cut to whatever length, and I have no idea what to do with it. I've already added some awesome green footwell lights, and now I have a lot left over. I just want to find something that'll look awesome and not tacky. So, EF, shoot me...
  20. J

    LED running lights?

    Okay, so they make these things for the focus with LED's installed in them: I was wondering that hopefully someone knows if they make a version of these like that that are high quality: Any help would be amazing! :D
  21. LED_Up


  22. KC_6x9


  23. 6x9_Lights


  24. J

    need help with lighting !!!

    so i recently upgraded my interior lights to blue LED as apposed to the shitty stock yellow ones, also did H.I.D fog lights,blue LED under my side mirrors and third break lights.... I'm now looking to do the reverse tail lights in blue LED, but I'm unable to find them on any site i order the so...
  25. L

    Overhead Console Temperature/Compass Fix

    The Gen2 area has numerous posts on repairing the display, but I didn't see any on the Gen1, so would like to relate my experience in repairing the display. By the way, I am an electrical/electronic technician by trade and training. I purchased a 94 Limited that had an intermittent display...