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  1. R

    2004 Ford Explorer not starting - PATS system?

    My 2004 Ford Explorer isn't starting, battery and starter have both tested fine and I've just replaced the starter relay to no results. I've read some threads on here about it possibly being the PATS system? This issue started after the battery died one night, for the first time since I've owned...
  2. K

    PATS security 2005 explorer

    Hello all, I got a 2005 explorer Eddie Bauer edition from a friend of mine and he gave it to me because the PATS system was triggered after the battery went dead in it. We tried to get it started and it will crank if you jump the starter solenoid but still will not run. Can I get a computer...
  3. B

    At my wits end with my 98 Explorer Sport not starting when it's warm to hot outside

    Good day everyone. I have a 98 Ford Explorer Sport. It's a manual. I have an issue where it will intermittently not start from time to time. It shows up more when it's warm to hot outside. I can get it to start if I do the old push and pop-the-clutch technique. Here are the things I've tried so...
  4. L

    2000 Ford Expl 4.0 SOHC motor SWAP to 93 Ranger.

    Hello i am new to this Forum and looking for advice from y'all gurus. I bought a complete 2000 explorer 4.0 sohc eddie baure eddition 2wd. -I will be doing a complete motor, trans, PCM and harness swap from this explorer to a 93 Ranger and looking to get away with not using the steering...
  5. R

    Explorer 2012 PATS Missing Message

    Hi, I scanned my Ford Explorer 2012 as I was getting some errors with the Active Park. I was able to fix the PAM issue (right sensor was disconnected) but the scan also provided the below DTC. Can someone tell me what this error could be and how to troubleshoot it? Thanks B10D9:87-48 Code...
  6. G

    Solved PATS location for 1998 Explorer XLT AWD

    Just information but I found it behind the passenger side airbag. easy peasy to get to.
  7. J

    04 Explorer XLT PCM switch out

    Hows it going everyone. I am new to the forum. I currently own a 2004 ford Explorer XLT 4.0L. A couple months ago my car wouldn't start, I jumped it and put a battery pack to it but still nothing. After noticing my anti-theft light continuing to blink very fast. I looked up issues to this and I...
  8. mfitz725

    No Start Issue 99 Limited UPDATED

    Hi everyone. I was having an issue with the Explorer SOHC 4.0 not wanting to restart when it was warm. Was cranking fine cold (other than needing new intake seals-thats next) and most times it took 2-3 tries to restart it when warm. Then suddenly one day it didn't want to start at all. I kept...
  9. mfitz725

    SOLVED Starting problem need some advice please 99 Limited

    Started her up this afternoon and as was the usual didn't quite start on the first try but cranked immediately on the second try. Ran ok, if its cold it stumbles some until warmed up and I'm pretty sure it needs upper/lower intake gaskets as I'm at 175000 and haven't been done to my knowledge...
  10. M

    PATS nightmare!

    So, some wonderful member of society tried yanking my 99 explorer sport and only anaged to damage the PATS module clip that snaps into ring. After replacing it (just the clip was broken-used exact same module and have both og keys), nada. 2 locksmiths, nothing. Took it to Ford and they (after a...
  11. E

    blinking red theft light in 1997 ford explorer - I thought PATS was 1998?

    The key is not a chip key or at least I say that because it is very thn. When the car is off, the theft text in the dashboard is a normal slow red blink and is not preventing the car from starting. After the car sits for a while the theft text is off. But nonetheless, I thought there was not...
  12. R

    Need Help with PATS system

    I lost the key to my Merc and wanna know if I can carb swap it and run the truck it's only a woods/farm truck already have all the ignition switches wired to a switch and the truck will crank but no start, if I spray starting fluid in the intake it will fire but no start because of pats. Love...
  13. C

    '01 Sport Trac w/PATS ignition switch

    So it appears the lock cylinder is likely ok, and the actual switch on the column is ok, but behind the lock sylider is another 'switch' that the lock cylinder physically moves, and we think that's the problem child. I removed the plastic covers on the column but I cannot even SEE that little...
  14. D

    After Attempted Theft, Not starting. No obd2 codes

    My ex tried to steal my 01 Explorer. He drilled out the ignition, in the process he broke the pats transceiver.. After a failed attempt he broke the 2 side, tail gate and driver passenger windows. He threw the original key in the lake when he realized he had it , tried to use it and couldn't...
  15. S


    Hello Folks, My name is Scott and I own a 1996 Ford Exploder, 4.0L, 4D, 2WD, which up until now, refuses to die! Bought it 3 1/2 years ago and the transmission was failing then... It's still running. wrapped the hood around the windshield... Twice, doing about 75 MPH down a highway, peeled the...
  16. C

    No start crank..Anti theft light blinking

    So I have a 2004 ford explorer. I just went out one day and it wouldn't start. Before I noticed the anti theft light. I took battery and had it checked and took starter off and both were good. Then I noticed the anti theft light blinks rapidly for about a minute and after a minute it blinks 6...
  17. G

    2001 Explorer Sport PATS Issue?

    Hi there everyone, serious issue here: I've got a '01 Explorer Sport that probably about 90% of the time, won't start on the first go around. Usually, I'll get in the car, go to turn the key and... All the electronics in the car shut down, no crank at all. There is a rapid, but very muted...
  18. C

    Anybody have any idea about the pats system

    Ok my 04 explorer xlt would not start or turn over. The theft light was rapidly flashing but after a minute with the key in run position it goes oit but still nothinv . All the dash lights work when i turn it on but when i tru to crank it the light starts rapid flashing and no click or anything...
  19. T

    98 expedition pats

    1998 expedition , lost key , replaced with junkyard pat key and tumbler. theft blinked rapid for only about 1 minute instead of 15 as per key erase/program procedure. did three times no start help? built 5/98 some 98's need programmer some manual which are which ? forscan work?
  20. A

    09 Explorer No star, theft light. Took apart the steering column, fell down a rabbit hole. Help!

    I posted this thread last week looking for some answers (didn't find any) but you can see what my symptoms are: So anyway, I ordered a new transciever since...
  21. D

    Newbie Dad of a daughter with a bricked Sport Trac

    Hi, Dave here. My daughter has a 2001 SportTrac with the dreaded blinking "Theft" light. And only one chip key. We live on a small island with no dealership, so towing fees, ferry wait times and other costs to get it to a dealership will run over one thousand dollars...., not a viable...
  22. V

    Won't Start - SecuriLock?

    Hello, all. I appreciate your reading my question. My 2002 Explorer recently would not turn over when the key was turned to the START position. I did some troubleshooting, all relays/fuses/etc. were good, and found that there was power at the starter solenoid. So I replaced the starter...
  23. K

    Looking to buy '98 explorer 4x4, but no keys

    So I've done some research, but I think I've read too much and confused myself. Truck is only $200 bc the guy has lost his keys and I talked him out of junking it. Problem is it's PATS equipped I believe. I'm new to PATS as my '97 explorer isn't so equipped. I'm thinking of just changing out...
  24. V

    Only 6V on my Explorer fuel pump? Won't start. PATS?

    My '97 Explorer XLT stopped suddenly the other day, and I needed towing home. I assumed the fuel pump had died, so bought another. However, after a bit of poking around, there is only 6V at the pump, as well as at the inertia cut-off switch. All fuses are intact, All relays are good...
  25. D

    2003 explorer 4.0 cranks not starts..

    Hey guys this is my first post on the forum ... used to have a 96 explorer xlt sold it and a little.bit later on im now back looking at a newer explorer.. 2003 explorer 4.0 automatic with a new tranny with 10k on it.. Vehicle won't start just cranks already replaced the crank sensor and...