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  1. S

    Torque values - 2011 Explorer Front Suspension

    Just ordered new front struts for my 2011 explorer, anybody know what the torque values are ? Thanks
  2. D

    someone help plz!!

    im wanting to lower my truck a little. its a 2002 ford explorer sport limited, RWD with the 4.0. i dont want to go the airbag route, and no one makes kits for this vehicle so im looking into adjusting the height by backing out the torsion bolts. but i need to know is this safe doing that? will...
  3. K

    2013 Explorer High Pitch Squeak 38k miles

    Hey all, I am not new to the forum, I have had an account since 2008 and lost my password so here I am. I recently upgraded from a 2003 Explorer XLT the died at 200k miles (great vehicle I put 100k miles on it personally). Anyway, I now have a 2013 Explorer Base (with added leather ). I have a...
  4. 9

    Drop beam help

    Ok so this is more information for me because I can't seem to find it anywhere If anyone remembers Ryan's (spdrcr34) white slammed explorer I bought his drop beams - but for the life of me can't find what beams they are - they're not dream beams because these beams are still box shaped Any...
  5. B

    2002 Sport Lowering Springs

    I'm looking to possibly lower the front of end of my '02 sport about 2" and also hopefully soften the ride. All other suspension is 100% new including rear leaf springs.
  6. B

    2002 Sport 2WD Front lowering springs

    I'm looking to possibly lower the front of end of my '02 sport about 2" and also hopefully soften the ride.All other suspension is 100% new.
  7. M

    Sloppy Steering and Shuddering over Bumps

    Hi all, This is on an AWD 2003 Explorer XLT with the 4.0L engine I've been noticing a problem getting progressively worse over time. The steering seems to be getting more erratic and sloppy each and every day. I can still control it well, but it is a struggle to keep it dead center in a lane...
  8. M

    1/2 ton axle swap

    I'm currently in the process of swapping half ton axles under my 94 and I had a couple questions. I plan on taking off away bars and shocks, but I still want to drive it to work once in a while, any insight as to how it will ride will be great. Also I plan on swapping in 5.09 gears, is that a...
  9. A

    Squeaky Rear Suspension - Can't Figure It Out!

    I have a 99 eddie bauer that is making a lot of noise from the rear end. It sounds like an old mattress spring that has seen better days. It really only makes noise when the truck goes over bumps or tilts to one side if taking a speed bump at an angle. It also makes the squeaking noise when...
  10. PODHokie

    Bouncing suspension

    Hey guys - I recently replaced all 4 shocks on my 1999 Sport 2WD with KYB Gas-a-just to try and fix what feels like the whole car shaking more than it ought whenever I'd hit a bump or pothole or whatever. I have the silly monoleaf springs on the rear axle, with stock shackles. Can anyone offer...
  11. 9

    Looking For Solid Axle

    :us:I'm New To The Forum, I've Used This Site For Certain Questions And What Not, But I'm Wondering What Would Be Best Or Rather Where I Could Find A Solid Front Axle For My Explorer, Its 4WD And Also A Good Site For Suspension Lifts. I Work With Someone Who Knows Alot Of My Questions But I...
  12. M

    Suspension and Drivetrain woes 2003 XLT

    Hi all, I recently took my 03' XLT Explorer AWD to a CJ Tires location. This location has always been good to me and I never found fault with anything they've done until today. Here's the run down of what they said is wrong: Both front wheel bearings bad Both sway bar end links bad...
  13. A

    new member in need of help with suspension ?

    ello my name is Nathan from schenectady ny im a owner of a 2002 explorer xlt 4wd im in search of where i could purchase a lowering kit or a set of lowering springs for my exporer im looking for a 2"-2.5" drop any information would be much appreciated
  14. J

    Front end popping noise question

    I have an 04 explorer 4.0 v6 with 66,000 miles. I have replaced almost everything that would need to be replaced through regular wear and tear including most of the front end suspension complements. The only problem I'm having is that after replaced the lower ball joints, and upper control arms...
  15. I

    1998 ford explorer ltd ball joint replace

    I'm brand new to this site but I have used it several times to reference repairs on my 1998 Explorer LTD and it has been a fantastic resource. I am replacing the ball joints on my 98 Explorer LTD and was wondering if there is any helpful tips anyone has or can point me in the right...
  16. S

    2006 Exp XLT 4.0 4WD - Suspension Input

    Hello everyone. I am looking to replace my struts all around and am looking to gain some insight or recommendations on what I should use. I don't do any extreme driving or off-roading. Mostly just commute driving. My question is do I replace the struts and keeps my old springs or should I...
  17. O

    '93 Eddie Bauer suspension questions

    Hello, I have a 93 Eddie Bauer in really good condition and 220k miles. It has been sitting for a couple years. Some of my friends have started some trail riding and low key off-roading. So, I've recently decided to clean her back up an install a Rough Country four inch suspension lift. My...
  18. L

    NEEDED: Camper shell & lift kit

    Hi new member here, I have a 2001 ford sport trac and I'm looking for a camper shell to use for the winter since I get a lot of snow where I live. also looking for a cheap, maybe slightly used lift kit (any size) please let me know if anyone can help out. Thanks!:thumbsup::exp:
  19. M

    Front End Vibration, Driving me Crazy!

    Hey all, This has been a developing issue for about a month now (as I try and figure out what is to blame). Whenever I drive my 03 Explorer over 55-60mph there is this horrible vibrating almost shaking feeling that resonates through the footwell and door, the entire front end basically...
  20. M

    Yet another problem; front end suspension, shocks, or ball joints

    So... very dangerous situation happened today on my way to work. I hit a pretty decent bump... really not THAT big; but big enough to feel it and maybe give the females a little boob jiggle.. (haha..) Well.. The bump made the front right end of my car emit a loud pop sound. I...
  21. M

    Suspension/Steering Issue

    We recently replaced the front upper control arms on our 2003 ford explorer awd. I got MOOG parts with greasable ball joints attached. I looked at this today (about a week later) and there is grease leaking everywhere. It looks like the rubber boot detached from the top part of the joint...
  22. M

    Possible bad rear strut? (picture)

    Hi all, I've been hearing a strange metal popping sound coming from the rear suspension ever since I took my car to the garage to have a bolt drilled out (front sway bar bushing bracket). It sounded like a spring to me but honestly it could be anything. Here's a picture of the strut in...
  23. M

    Suspension: shocks, anti-sway bar, links...

    ... I want to improve my ST handling so i need advise from the best, i done some research and i think my choices for shocks are: ranchos 9000xl, bilsteins, gabriel...? Are the adjustables ranchosrs9000 really make a difference when going from soft to hard? Or should i just get the...
  24. M

    Sagging rear end

    My 96 XLT 4.0 was sagging pretty bad in the read and espically the drivers side (the drivers side sits almost 3" Lower than the passenger side) so I bought brand new leaf springs and when I just installed them and re measured the ride height it was exactly the same as before I put the new...
  25. M

    Update Rattling when going over bumps

    Hi all, I'm having a situation in my 03 explorer xlt when going over any kind of bump. It sounds like metal hitting metal, a clanging rattling noise in the front end. On jacking the front up the only way I can replicate any sort of noise is by actually rotating the tire around then stopping...