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1993fordexploere's 1993 "X" xlt 4x4

i have been wanting to do this for a while just havent had time so here it is.this X was just used for a family car until i got it.

the first two pictures are bone stock and the other pictures are with 31x11.50 tires and no front bumper cause of the custom bumper coming in for my winch and the warn manual hub conversion. it has no lift. but will soon.:)
lots of mods coming up.





I couldn't really see if you had center caps on your wheels on your latest pics. A good looking (and cheap) center cap is the 2nd Gen caps. Just use the 2nd Gen lug nuts and the caps snap right in. A 3 inch hole saw will cut out the center of the cap to allow your front locks to come through.

Looks good bro!

Looks good bro!

Thanks... I just about had her the way I wanted her when I found my 2005. I wanted the V8 and I couldn't pass up the price. So started over.

got a lot done lately....
well now i have my front bumper and winch done aswell as the lights.

heres where i put my switch for my lights at

and this is after the shackle install



looks GREAT man, i wish you were closer haha, im only 16, i have a decent 92 EB, but i wanted to get like a 96, and lower it with some 20's maybe, and murder it out, cus i really dont ever go off roading, theres NO WHERE around here, but then i kinda realized it would be way cheaper for me to get like a 94, mines in pretty rough shape in the undercarriage, so i want to get a really nice 94, and just swap some stuff maybe from mine, like my whole stereo, subs, etc. and then my clear diamond cut front head/blinkers, and my HIDs....all that little stuff id swap, but yeah id love to get one and lift it like yours, not ridiculous, but something that would look good and BEEFY lol.

Great work though man, looks good, i like that color too, ive NEVER seen that on any explorer...usually that ugly teal color lol :p