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1997 ford explorer issue HELP!!!!


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October 25, 2012
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waterloo, ny
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1997 ford explorer
hi my name is stacey i have always been a ford owner most times i can work on some of the stuff my self this time is not the time lol. about a week ago my truck started making a kinda loud thump in the front by the driver side tire normally when i turn right or make a sharp turn. this morning the 4 wheel drive light was flashing on and off i checked everything 4 wheel drive was not ingauged then the windows would not go up or down any more. i was thinking fuse for the windows but not so sure about the 4 wheel drive prob. i never use it the last time it was in it got knocked by mistake and i had a hard time getting it to disingauge. any thoughts or help would be great thanks. stacey

check the owners manual, i cant remember what fuse it is but when my explorer blew a fuse it took out the power windows and the 4x4 light was flashing. I replaced it and the problem was fixed

it could possibly be the hubs. mine was making a grinding/thumping noise and after i replaced the hubs on both sides it quit. Also if your ABS acts up it may be the hubs.