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help is needed

  1. R

    2014 Explorer Sport Ignition Issues & Water Pump Service

    Hi All, I’m having some serious troubleshooting issues. I have 2014 Explorer Sport with 107,000 mi. May 2021 at the 100,000 service a leaking water pump was discovered. The water pump was replaced along with the valve cover gasket, and spark plugs by a local service shop, not dealer. Since then...
  2. R

    What do I do...

    I'm a 16 year old who just got his license and was given a 2001 sport trac 4x4 by my dad with roughly 120,000 miles. We spent 2 winters in Chicago with the truck so it is VERY rusted also my dad didn't really care for the truck. The interior is falling apart as expected and the ac compressor is...
  3. H

    2003 xlt multiple electrical problems - started near same time

    As the title says, these issues popped up within days of each other. Radio cuts off and gauges freeze when shifting into park, originally this happened randomly while driving. Bad ignition key warning sensor(annoying tone while exiting with keys in) makes it think key is always in ignition...
  4. R

    Help! Brakes Locked!

    I have a '99 Ford Explorer Sport and today my brakes locked up. I'm not sure what's wrong with it but I will work just fine in drive but as soon as I put it reverse,it refuses to move until the rear end just finally starts giving way and jumping. I'm at a loss as to what's wrong with it and how...
  5. E

    tire size help!

    Im have 235-70-r16 wheels on my 2006 ford explorer, i want to know if i can put some BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 245-70-r16 wheels with a stock suspension & a 0 offset rims, if so will the tires rub when i turn?
  6. Z

    Rear window problem

    The rear window in my 2001 Sport Trac has not worked since I bought it a year ago. Yesterday I took the panel off and found that it was unplugged after checking the fuses. I plugged it in and went through the initializing process and the window went all the way down but does not go up. It is...
  7. 2

    Solenoid pack help

    I recently felt hard shifting when driving my automatic '04 explorer and determined it was the solenoid pack. So, I replaced the solenoid just how the tutorials have said and replenished the fluid from it but whenever but after I tried to reset it, it wouldn't shift gears and is stuck in first...
  8. 2

    whirring noise above 15 mph after motor swap

    I recently swapped a 2004 SOHC for a 1998 SOHC. The 2004 motor blew up from the previous owner and the best block i could find was out of a 1998. When accelerating i am hearing a whirring noise coming from what sounds to be the front of a 2WD truck. I know that there are a few possibilities...
  9. L

    help! radiator leaking engine knocking

    So I just purchased a 99 ford explorer I was aware of the broken radiator and I know it pisses our coolant but also the motor has a slight knock in it ? Could thetwo be related or do I have a bigger problem on my hands Its 99 explorer 5.0 v8 xlt
  10. G

    SMT(Save My Truck)!!!!!!

    I have a 99 eddie bauer explorer and it's AWD.... has anyone had any issues after disconnecting the differential? I'm almost sure that mine is starting to go out... I dont want to replace it at all but at the same time, before I go disconnecting stuff, I need to know what I might be getting...
  11. 2


    I am stuck in a field 20 minutes out side Cleveland need someone with a winch or someone with super swampers! been stuck for two days already please help!!!! 703-638-5814
  12. E

    Left turn signal stuck on

    While I was working on my truck I hopped into it to start it then when I stepped out I slipped on ice and hit the turn signal lever (turning switch) now even when it's in the off position the left blinker is flashing. When I try to make it go right it still says left. The one thing that stops it...
  13. G

    Newbie Could Use Any Help At All PLEASE

    Ok so I am the proud new owner (My first one ever) 1996 Ford Explorer Limited AWD, 5.0, 4 door, that's in great shape and only has 85K original miles. :D:D:D This is my first post here and im new to when it comes to suspension, lift kits, ect, ect, ect. Im not going to be doing any off roading...
  14. S

    Need suggestions for off road tires

    Hello everyone, Fairly new here to the Forum and needing some suggestions on some off road tires. I was hoping to get a set of tires that would be 30" X 10". Any recommendations? My X isn't lifted at all and it would be going on the stock 16" rims that came with it as I don't want to buy new...
  15. F

    Front hub parts identification help

    Hi, i have been looking around junkyards, parts stores, and dealerships trying to find a replacement "washer/spacer/retainer" for a 1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 manual locking hubs. found the first missing piece earlier today thanks to this forum and Tousley Ford. But now i have to find out what...
  16. T


    Is it necessary to oil soak timing chain tensioner on a 04 Ford Explorer 4.0 over head cam before installing
  17. W

    1997 ford explorer issue HELP!!!!

    hi my name is stacey i have always been a ford owner most times i can work on some of the stuff my self this time is not the time lol. about a week ago my truck started making a kinda loud thump in the front by the driver side tire normally when i turn right or make a sharp turn. this morning...
  18. 0

    Expert rack & pinion HELP NEEDED!

    I have an 03 Explorer Sport 4x4 4.0 sohc. I keep getting a click/thunk/thump noise coming from my driver side near the outter arm on the rack and pinion when I swing out to back in my driveway and get a similar noise when I hit bumps a certain way. Also I have replaced my whole front suspension...
  19. G

    Trailer hitch installation.

    I bought a trailer hitch installation for my van today as I"m going on a long trip to Ohio from Oregon starting on the 2nd of August. I needed the trailer hitch to pull a 5x8 enclosed trailer filled to the brim with tons of stuff. My problem is after assembling the darndable thing (there was a...
  20. G

    96 Explorer, Please Help

    Explorer Specifications: 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 134k miles 4.0L 4X4 Problem: My ford explorer sometimes runs rough and the battery gauge sputters. Sometimes it dies unless I accelerate. When driving it dies at stop signs and check engine comes on, but If I turn it completely off...
  21. 96AWD5.LOL

    Brakes dragging

    Let me say before I begin my quest for help that I, indeed did search through the forums for my problems. I encountered a lot of possible solutions. This post is here in the hopes that my circumstances might change/narrow down the problem. Starting out I have replaced all 4 rotors with new...
  22. T

    error code help

    hi i have a 93 explorer 4x4 and i have four engine error codes that i dont know how to fix. the first code is: 335-EGR sensor voltage out of range the second code is: 124-throttle position sensor voltage higher than expected the third code is: 327-EGR valve pressure transducer/postion...
  23. C

    Power Steering Issues (NEED HELP)

    Yes I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2WD with 117000 miles. The problem Im having is with the power steering. Everything has been working fine up until two days ago. My wife called me and said the steering wheel was shaking when she turned the wheel when stopped and at low speeds. I came home...
  24. M

    p1762 new installed tranny

    hello, i just bought a used transmission from a parts dealer and had it installed i noticed it not shifting quite right but i figured it was some thing that would just go away after a week but on the second day i got a check engine light and i ran the code and get a p1762 code it goes in to the...
  25. K

    Power window problem W/4WD lights flashing

    Hello , I have a 1995 Explorer and have been experiancing a problem with my power windows not working. It comes and goes but the last couple days they will not work. Funny thing is ,is when they quit working the 4WD & 4WD Low lights on instrument panel flash periodically. Like I said sometimes...