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2001 Ranger Edge Front to 2000 Explorer

im curious, will this hood work on stock explorer fenders? The contour and fitment? (disregarding headlight and grill assembly)
The curve of the hood is different than the fender, though someone posted a pic of a dome hood on a Sport Trac within this thread.

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The ranger hood is not a bolt on to a sport trac or any explorer, it has to be completely modified.

I was hoping to swap out the headlights and grill assembly from a Ranger, including hood (if the curvature was the same...and possible ends of the fenders for turn signal lamps. I was hoping to cut the front section of the fenders and graft them to explorer fenders (i have done this to many classic car customs using) - like they did with the cars from the 50's swapping headlights and taillights.

She camps:

My son says it's an X-Edge and printed these for me.


The rig is got a little body work, good enough fo me, I spread a little mud over my stitch welds on the fenders:



She is getting new shoes today! 265/75 16 Falken Wildpeak under $600 installed with road hazard and balancing. I was going to go with Good Year Duratracs but found these for much less.


Old Tars:

New Tars:



I got some more time to play truck recently. I got the front bumper up higher and beefed-up the mounting brackets.





I redid the bed and added a slide out tailgate/table/bar.
I am using two plactic tool boxes for support in front and the center sub woofer.



I posted this separately but want it in this thread. I relocated the tow hitch, lost the bumper and now have room for a full size spare under it (265/75-16).


The big picture and little detail, the Supercharger will go on one day and it will be charged!


I love it all, well done.

I've wanted to build a large roof rack similar to that size, going forward to about the sunroof middle. I need to get my sunroof hole filled first to do that, or start the rack at the back edge of the hole there. Good ideas, thanks.

Thanks guys!
The rack is actually 4 hitch mount racks. I extended the rack forward with junkyard rails/slides and the vinyl pieces that protect the roof There is two bolts in each rack down into the slides and I rivitted tie-downs to the roof. It is very secure. It's easier to handle 4 small racks when installing/uninstalling.
Everything fits in the rack. My bed is made when I leave the house, so we can get anywhere and sleep then set-up camp the next day. The ice chest, food box and cloths go in the front seats when we sleep. I take the racks off on longer camp trips and bolt them together to make a free standing shelf to hold camp boxes and gear. We glamp when we have the time. We take, a grill, gas fire, stove, table, chairs, easy-up, sunshower, etc. etc.........................

Last summer:

Camp Shelves

Ha, the printed "X Edge" and Lightning Bolt cover the old holes where the ranger emblem was.

Little update:
I installed a 2 row radiator which now is enough to cool this thing at extended stop lights this summer. It was getting very hot with the A/C on. It did not overheat but the A/C faded then went warm. I tested it and was not satisfied with the A/C performance so I added two 7" pusher fans in front at the bottom/front of the condenser/radiator. Both fan are rated too 1000CFM and she cools now! The A/C only fades slightly when stopped in drive. Yes I replaced the fan clutch, flushed the cooling system, and had reworked the A/C first.

This is the first step to get around to installing the supercharger. I will install two more cooling fans, 10" fans as pushers to cool the thing (longer snout on the supercharger means I remove the stock fan to fit the blower).

wicked cool I love the roof rack, The ranger edge front clip is the best looking from clip of all of our RBV = well done! I like outside the box thinking like your build here so = Well done!

Thanks man! It is rough and useable. I could do some better finishing on the fenders and if I had it to do over, I would have kept more of the stock fenders to blend it better.

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I reworked the roof rack, sealed it and painted it. I mounted an old and thus long ski box to the rack.
I wanted to have the waterproof space for gear in addition to ski use.



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