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2016 Platinum PTU drain amounts varying?


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May 21, 2023
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2016, Explorer Platinum
So I have read lots of the PTU posts here for our model years. But I don't see my issue unless I missed it. I drained, small 1/4" hex plug about 20K ago. Changed oil and drained the PTU again today. 20K miles ago I drained about 12oz out. today I only drained about 9.5oz.

Fluid before was a dark amber color with no glittery sheen. No shavings on drain plug, but a little sludge. Same this time, but bout 3oz less.

Extended breather vent is in engine bay now for ease of filling and it gets a little film on it from time to time but nothing bad. No drips or leaks either.

Should this not be the same amount every drain? And then with a capacity for the 2016 Platinum of 17.9oz, should I ad more than I took out to get back to the capacity? Drains were done level also.

Thanks in advance.....

you fill it up until it comes out of the hole that you add it into. I just added a drain to mine and filled up using the hole on the side, it is in an easy location to get to and fill, not sure why you would want to fill through the breather, seems like a pain and would be slow.

Ford made a change and used the top filler hole and plugged it with a temp sensor behind a heat shield. It CAN be removed but is a PIA. Countless videos on YouTube of extending the PTU vent hose to just beside brake master cylinder to fill by. Use a 200cc fluid transfer syringe and it’s super easy. My 2016 3.5 twin only has a small drain plug on passenger side about 1/2” up the side.

Since glt2984 drilled a hole for the drain, this PTU must not have a drain on the bottom side, so it also doesn't have the cooler on the side. It has the fill hole on the side, with not temp sensor. The temp sensor one, also have the "cooler" on the side, which makes it a PIA to fill by the fill hole, which now has a temp sensor to remove, and the Cat also has to be removed to get the temp sensor out. Nice Ford.

IF you have fill hole without a temp sensor, use that to fill and get the correct amount in the PDU.