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2WD to 4WD Conversion

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Also you can fit 32's with a TT and shackles. Thats what I have here.


Thanks it has had a spring over axle for the last 4 or 5 months, looking like this.

But I just completed a sloped body lift today, I will get a pic once the cragars and 33's go on

Not a bad looking explorer! I'm thinking of taking out the rear leaf springs and putting a 3 leaf spring pack on each side, and then maybe adding in the warrior shackles. Then like I said, crank the torsion bars up. What would be a good way to go for tires? I'm not sure if I should go with all terrains or mud terrains.

Basically if you drive your truck on the street alot then definetley all terrains, I had procomp and bfg mud terrains and they wear out very quickly on the street.

Aww okay, well since it is my first car, and I am mainly on the street a lot, i'll go for the all terrains! How does a locker hold up in mud?

It will help a huge amount, if you stop in real slippery **** it will with an open diff, it will just spin one tire, pretty much as long as its not super thick clay like mud, you should be ok with a little more clearance, good tires, and a locker. Its the really sticky thick stuff that with 2wd the front tires start to push into the mud and the wont turn, sort of a plowing effect. But if you want a capable 2wd definetley go for a locker, 300 bucks for twice as much traction is a damn good deal haha. Oh and I will tell you right now, when you do your shackles and TT if you remove the rear sway bar it gives you a pretty incredible amount of flex. Heres a comparison

Stock With sway bars

Heres an old pic of TT and Shackles

And a pic of spring over axle with stock shackles, and add a leaf

Alright cool!That's some pretty sick flex haha! I'm thinking of saving atleast $350 which could get me my locker and then the shackles are $70 or so. I will probably do the lift first then wait for the locker. Tires, eek. Doubt I will ever have enough to afford them on my own, seeing as though I do not have a steady source of income yet haha!

Yah you are on the right track, lift first, then locker and tires, or tires then locker, Look on craigslist for tires, here is a pick of my truck after today, I have a 2 in sloped body lift with 2 in TT, spring over axle, and 33' BFG's on Cragar soft 8's I got the tires for 10 bucks a piece on craigslist, I got the wheels on craigslist brand new still in the box for 150. If you just constantly search craigslist you will find stuff haha.


Looks nice man! What's the whole 2" sloped lift? Is that just a body? What's the slope part? Also, can you do the spring over axle on a 2wd in the front or no?

Thanks, and no you can do the spring over axle only on the back, you will get 6 in of lift. For the front I did a torsion twist, then you start with a 2 in body lift on the first mount, then work your way down to 0 in body lift in the back. If that didnt make sense heres the thread that made me want to do it.

In all I have like 4.5 in up front and 6 in the rear. For very cheap. TT was free, the axle perches were 20. had someone weld them for 40, Then I bought the body lift blocks separatley so they were only 20 and the bolts that I needed were 15. So for under 100 bucks I have way more clearance than Just a full on body lift.

That's really cool :) I think that for now, I am going to just focus on the 2"TT and the shackles for now. That'll give me the 2" lift, and allow me to fit the 31's or 32's which is fine by me :) Later on when I get more money after the locker, I can work on lifting it more :)

With my sport I did new torsion keys and add a leaf and can clear 33s and it only cost me. Like 200 for it but I also replacement my leafs because the idiot who had it before me cut the the leafs were 100 each and also replace shock Wichita u don't have to but I did and if ibwanna do farther I can do a body lift and run 35s my taxes were gone quick but I was looking at prices for tires dunlope mudrovers are pretty inexpensive I ha e 32 bfgs on it now and u love them

Sorry for spelling errors my phone is retarded

I'm thinking of replacing my leafs anyway, swapping the single leaf for 3 along with the shackles, then the TT up front. I've heard on the add a leaf though that it sometimes lowers ride height, but i do not know. Is this true? Also, I want to put front tow hooks, is there some pre-drilled spots that will work on the frame or am I going to have to drill my own? If you have any pics, could you post them please?

Oh yes when you do the shackle lift definetley get 4dr springs, that made the ride so much better. No add a leafs do not lower the truck. Since the leaf spring bolts to the frame at the top leaf, all of the lower leafs, plus add a leafs will do is lower the shock mount, only by the thickness of the leaf, so like a 1/4 in, but will lift the truck so its worth it, I actually like the added stiffness of the add a leaf and TT makes the truck handle better, especially with wider tires. As for the tow hooks, People just buy hooks, then drill holes. Personally I am just going to weld in a front tow hitch, then I can put a ball hitch, tow hook, or winch when I get one.

A good place to get leafs is SD truck springs I would put pics but I can't upload them from my phone ivcant figure it out Idk if the tow hooks will work because I the bumper mounts are there when I put a winch bumper on I had to cut them off

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Read this in a thread on here, but wanted to clarify, on the 2wd sports, they said you can crank your torsion bars as far as you want without any effect? If you have the 4wd then you can't go over 2"