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410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"

done by a pro eh. so this means i should send all my harness and coils down to you to pull your hair out? lol. if you still have my email, can you email me the file? thanks for figuring this out as well. i was having "fun" this weekend running the mat, map, cts, fuel and was going to start the tps but it was close to 110F with the humidex this weekend. that and i managed to bugger up a few pins crimping them, but its a learning curve for me. nice job jamie!

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You are a pro to Me ;)
Just need to understand what wire goes where and why otherwise you can be in a world of hurt later lol


All soldered connections are heat shrink wrapped. The two non used red power wires from each driver are cut flush, capped with heat shrink


all heat shrink joints are then wrapped with a second layer of tape. Then the entire harness was wrapped with tape, and then finally conduit.
This second wrap on each joint ensures there will be no connection or short issues. I could have also staggered my joints, but this is a short harness and that would have been very time consuming. So double wrap it is.

E6D964A4-BE66-442A-898E-3FD29E12D543.jpeg C8C20E17-0E09-4366-B64C-FCCD6F21F4E9.jpeg


mounted!! Finally moving on...............

How tight are your coil pack wires in the stock connectors? I have had two times with my latest 98 302 that a miss developed, the first time it ran really rough. I happened to reach the coil pack connectors that first time and push them onward, tighter. The 2nd one I touched made it smooth out, there's some kind of small loose wire terminal connection in one of those.

It only happened once again about a year later, so it's very minor. But looking at those pictures of the connectors and wires above, I think I would help them to stay more secure, with some RTV. The vibration is what causes some old wiring connection issues, just like the AC quick connects have a cute metal spring lock on them for vibration. I think a dab of Ultra Black in the back of each wire terminal to lock it in place, will reduce future movement of the terminal inside there. I wouldn't do that for new wiring and connectors, but with these old wire terminals, it might be a good step versus trying to replace them with new wires and connectors. But then again, maybe new pigtails are available now, that might be a best answer. I have a need for two of my old OEM wiring harnesses for projects, so that kind of issue is a concern.

Very nice, neat and well thought out job that you are doing on all of your project. I know that I have had a lot of questions and are starting to understand a lot more about everything from a single coil ignition system, waste or wasted spark systems, CDI, DIS, and Direct Coil Systems.
I studied the wiring diagrams and pinout for basic (dumb) coils and smart coils and have a lot better understanding of them and how they work with DIS and Direct Coil Systems. @CDW6212R At least replacement coil pack connectors are available if needed.
Now my brain is about to pop.

Will there be a burnout video once the truck is running?

Burnout! LOL I have never done that before...........something about living in the dirt and 35" tires are expensive, plus I am not going to be the one to brake somebody elses truck!!

I will get to drive the snot out of this thing while testing and setup. I have two miles of old logging road we call a driveway that can be quite interesting! DIRT EVERY DAY

My coil pack connectors are super tight. I cleaned the inside of all connectors and the rubber gaskets. I make sure each wire is firmly seated in the connector and on its mate (push the wires on not just the connector). I like the idea of a dab of silicon to help keep things firm.
I have never had a coil pack connector issue on a 5.0! Not one of my trucks anyways and I beat on them daily


Cleaned gasket and inside connector around wire mating surface
All pins and wires checked. Connectors tight to coil pack

I learned yesterday that with the Holley Terminator PCM
External coil drivers are required when we run DUMB coils.
If you run SMART coils then the external drivers are not required.
This makes sense, otherwise Holley would have just put the coil drivers inside the PCM
Thanks to @allmyEXes I am now a bit smarter

Our waste spark coils are for sure dumb (two wires)
Smart coils have more then two wires and can be found on later model Chevy and Fords I believe

DANG CAT jumped up on the engine and got cat hair all over my coil pack!! LOL if I saw that before the picture I would have cleaned it off
Shop cats, gotta love em


Funny, I didn't notice the cat hair before, I love cats.

That's great that those coil connectors are tight, they are of course well made components. My white truck had evidently some serious work done, body work I knew of, but I think a large part of the interior and wiring had been R&R'd for something. So the loose coil connector is just another symptom. It wouldn't start one day at work a month after I got it, and that turned out to be the inertia switch wiring pulled out partly. I have to push it back up on there every couple of months. That should have a lot more slack of course, someone didn't lay the wires back in under the rug properly. At odd times it may have no wipers, or the washer motor, and randomly the ignition might cut out for a half second. I think it needs a relay replaced for that, but it has a couple of glitches that make me wonder about what someone did to it. It has a drover's door seal that looks like someone wanted to cut it off along about 15" worth of it(a big missing chunk).

The one good thing I noticed after I bought it is that it has apparently a new rear hatch seal, and you know how rare that is. That is one part I will swap out from it before selling it, if I remember.

Eddie's money shot. Maybe he could get a set of junk yard tires, pizza cutter width and find an empty paved lot to have some fun. Get a ca prop 65 warning sticker made for the back window. This truck is known to the state of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm from the tire smoke and the ... lasting longer than 4 hours.

pffft who wants to bring new kids into this crazy modern world anyways? lets do some CA reproductive harming burnouts!! I could pour a small patch of concrete just for this!

Okay so seriously I have been trying top update the stupid Autocad drawing of the Holley wiring for like 6 days now, my stupid Autocad license is having issues and I cannot recover my password, the stupid thing just sits and spins for hours... and we have stellar internet now (starlink)
Not sure what gives......my boss (dad) is going to be pissy if I don't get cad working soon I have some elevators to draw for a 110 story going up in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of those weeks...stay tuned!

pffft who wants to bring new kids into this crazy modern world anyways? lets do some CA reproductive harming burnouts!! I could pour a small patch of concrete just for this!
There is a good idea, some people would pay a small amount to watch a decent tire fire, I know I would.

was going to pm you asking if i missed something because i didnt see your updated wire harness. thought maybe you were keeping us in suspense!


Allright!! AutoCAD fixed finally sheesh. I have updated the CAD/PDF file with the correct coil driver output pin numbers/wire colors. I simply had the cyl wires backwards on the last version. This is now the AS BUILT document

I wish this site would host PDF files!! PITA
as built coil wiring.jpg

PM ME for the PDF or CAD file of this chart

CAD=Cardboard aided design


Works for me:dunno:


Ahhhhh! I am an ignoramus.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks Rick!!
Would be great to host the pdf file here

Good way to know if Rick is watching what you post...

Ahhhhh! I am an ignoramus.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks Rick!!
Would be great to host the pdf file here
i always just used the attatch files then drag and drop, i think 😂

Of course I tried drag and drop. my file must be too large?
If anyone wants to host it that would be awesome, we can put a link here

The crappy thing is I host a website for our work, but yahoo email and web services was sold in 2021 and now I can no longer access the site or host files.........but we still pay yearly and the site is still up. This kind of stuff just really gets under your skin. There is nobody that can help, I have tried numerous times.

Anyways if you are installing one of these systems and you need the PDF just PM me.

Progress has been slow, but progress is being made. I literally work on the ranger ever single chance I get, which has allowed me to get lots of stuff done! But not as much as we would have liked by now.... I do have a ton of pictures to get through so lets get started!
HUGE OBSTACLES on the wiring of this build have been OVERCOME! Ever feel like you are at war with a truck? Good to win some battles!!
Wiring a 07 (okay okay late 06, I call it a 07 because it has the same wiring as an 07, NOT an 06, so it appears Ford switched to the new CANBUS system half way through 06? I am not sure. I have only owned two 05s and worked on this "07")
so as I was saying.....wiring a 07 Ranger with a 5.0 and using a Holley is total un charted territory

I have won some major battles...........lets get you guys up to speed

thanks for you help as well. i am majorly close to firing mine up. i want to get the wires from the trans harness done before that however. i will say a unterminated kill is pretty involved. its better then slicing up a different kit to make things work, but once again it is a lot of work trying to figure out what should go where and with what wires.

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Dude!! did it fire up yet? You have done a good job so far!!

had internet issues yesterday so was not able to keep posting! Back at it this am here we go!


okay with the coil pack tower all completed I could finally move on to finishing the rest of the under hood wiring/ plumbing

This is oil pressure port for 302 engine allows you to install two oil pressure sensors. I ordered two of these so when I build my sport trac I can have one too!



Installed into the engine with thread sealant. The factory dash oil pressure gauge for a 98 5.0 was used as well as a Holley compatible pressure transducer for the Holley PCM to monitor oil pressure



paint had begun on the upper intake. Intake was stripped of all the plumbing and accessories, thoroughly washed and cleaned. then primer and paint...... this two tone paint job took me a bit to accomplish, I love the end result. I wanted to keep the final appearance a secret but that would make life really difficult for me trying to hide the upper plenum from all the pics.
So here it is! The final paint scheme, I wanted to match the holley coil drivers and also keep the red/black/grey theme going (calipers, rear axle, etc)




The intake plate was color matched to the grey then I hand painted two coats of black inlay.
The intake plate may change later................ something custom could easily be made.
I also hand painted the tops of all the fasteners after the intake was assembled


after first coat of black, before touch up. I like getting to use my artistic skills once in a while.......not many things hand painted anymore


sneak peek of it resting in the engine bay

match the Holley color scheme and our truck win win