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410Custom's builds a 2007 Ranger V8 - custom truck build - Project "Ranger Premier"

So there is a HUGE hurdle that had to be overcome on this project...... how to interface the 07 underhood wiring to the new 5.0 drivetrain and holley pcm. I have converted many trucks to 5.0 before, from 1984 all the way up to 2002, sorted them all out and completed over the years. Now this one is a new set of challenges. The 07 truck has a completely different system where all the body modules are part of one big computer, basically in the the CAN BUS system the PCM, instrument cluster, and body modules (like restraints computer) are all connected and talk to each other.
Installing a 5.0 into one of these trucks becomes very difficult, the Holley makes it a little easier. I have spent months (of not years now) researching how to defeat this with several options on the table. The best option I had was to use the wiring from a earlier truck as a "go between" the 98 5.0 stuff and the 07 can bus stuff. Finally with the 05 Ranger wiring book and the 07 Ranger wiring book on my desk I was able to determine it might just work. Then it happened...........

You see I had parted out two 05 Rangers a couple of years ago when we first moved to Idaho, I drove to Montana and hauled home a wrecked/rolled 05 and a smashed cab 05........ I saved everything from one of the 05's including the dash, frame, wiring all of it.
Thank goodness!!

The 05 Ranger under hood wiring was checked on paper..... it appeared to match up to the 07 side of things 100% (on the truck side, more on this later) AND the 05 Ranger still had the 42 pin plug C110 that I am very familiar with. So could it be true? Would the 05 ranger under hood harness plug into the 07 dash, fuse box, ABS brake controller, speed control, heater, etc etc........... only one way to find out

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If you like a little more red, did you know that MSD coil packs are red?

i have the loose wires from the trans to figure out where they go. after that i then have to put the top end of the motor together, THEN i can throw fire at it but once again mother nature is screwing with me!
i never knew one of those oil pressure extensions even existed, i am now googling that to get one!
also if you are wanting to make the intake stand out a tad more this was what i did when i has a stock upper.


i made a plate, then got the guy that did the flames air brush it. its now wall art lol. but i why not do something similar, or have something engraved into it.

keep posting the progress. cant wait to see this thing up, rolling and running.

here is the pdf of the wiring! let me know to make sure this works! for some reason normal drag and drop worked for me 😅


Thanks dudes
I did a quick intake plate for now, leaving the option to do something completely custom open for the future

Thanks @Fix4Dirt for hosting that file for me I have no flippin idea why I can’t drag and drop it from here could be our internet? Who knows. Starlink is fast! But it drips every once in a while because I still have “obstructions” in front of the antennae (100’ +tall cedar trees) I expect it to get better

I have actually not heard good things about the Msd coils for these trucks? Meanwhile I have never been let down by the factory units. Part of the reason we run this ignition is because it is very good! Even though it is waste spark as far as performance ignitions go the ford dis setup is really good

Extremely frustrated this last week with the internet here the forum keeps hanging for me trying to post pictures. Nothing sucks worse then losing all the crap you typed over and over again. However when this happens I simply go outside and work so I have been working on the truck instead of posting.
So we switched to starlink from the cellular wifi we had before… and it’s good! But I need to move the dish to the highest spot in the roof and for that I need a helper.
Yesterday I was able to post some pics in another thread about trailers (of course!) so I will try again… here we go

Back to the 2005 ranger under hood wiring….


This is what the new coil tower assembly looks like on the backside, plugged into the Holley input connectors keeping cylinder 1 going to cylinder one and that way we know they are not swapped side to side.
Can also see each coil drivers ground lead goes directly to the mounting studs on the appropriate head


Okay so I needed to clean the 2005 ranger engine bay wiring
For this I laid it all out and cleaned it with spray bottle of degreaser and a scrub brush. Hose it all off and hang it up to dry for a few days





The c110 plug I am used to, nice!
(I would learn later The 07 harness has a c110 also but it looks completely different)



Confirmed on paper and in person that this harness plugs into the truck on both sides, same as 07

Now to
Clean it


Done drying outside

Now to install, a few hours later and blamo! We have engine bay harness…. This is an in progress pic to show the routing


Finally! A fuse box and everything
Now to turn my attention to all of the connections under the hood, 99% of the wires that interface put Holley and drivetrain to the truck occur at the new c110 42 pin connector

I'm surprised nobody makes a gateway module for the ford to Holley. I've seen them for the Mopars that have PCI bus, you can use the Holley system and all the factory gauges, etc work like the stock motor is under the hood.

geesh so much to get posted lets try to get through some pictures
The ranger is now on wheels and tires......... off the lift.
Why? So I can access the cab...working on the dash and interior now :)

I was thinking of having a completely custom plaque made with my face and logo all over it

I am sure Eddie is having a whirlwind of design ideas about his upper intake plaque. Maybe he will just want me to do another one similar paint scheme but on some sort of plaque we have cutout? I dunno........ I will worry about this when its running and driving

if your head is spinning now check this out, the end of the Holley under hood wiring, all connections have been made, wrapped, and run
If you can stop the spinning (hard to do when its 44 degrees Celsius in Canada!! Poor guy) some of this might help you! HAHAHAHA

okay so when we left off the 05 wiring harness was going in.
Here is a snap of that completed




Nice eh?


all run using factory hardware and push pins, etc
Now to finish the engine bay


Much time was spent with these two books, making sure that every wire I hookup has the proper destination one by one


which leads to many of these hand written notes so that I can eventually transfer all this info to the truck and then to this thread :)

Now I have every wire that is left in the holley harness listed, including its destnation. All of the wires but maybe 3 go to the C110 42 pin plug on the 05 ranger harness, here


So I am going to need one of these:


female side pigtail, I snagged this one from some Ford around here? I think a 97 v8 crushy
Most 96-04 Ford vehicles will have this plug and for the most part the wiring at them is all very similar, at least it is on the ranger based trucks. This plug is known as c110, c112 and c115 depending on your year and model

next to identify all Holley loose wires and where they go


here they are run up to the engine bay and ready to route to the c110 plug (by the brake booster)

the wires are:
- Solid Red - Holley PCM power feed, direct to fused power constant battery voltage
Plug C110, Pin 8, yellow, (10 amp fuse at PJB)

- Green - Holley fuel pump trigger, 12V+, C110, pin 5, DG/YE (relay trigger from pcm)
- Red (x2) - Coil driver acc power, C110, Pin 9, RD, (hot in start or run)
- White - Holley CD ignition box (not used)
- Yellow - Holley RPM signal (not used)
- Black - Holley PCM chassis ground, To firewall ground near wiper motor
- Brown/White - Holley BOO circuit (brake switch), C110, Pin 4, RD/LG
- Tan -
Holley PCM OD cancel, C110, Pin 42, TN/WH
- Light Blue - Holley OD indicator, C110, pin 40, WH/LG

Then we have 6 loose wires that come from the Holley transmission harness directly from the DTRS (digital transmission range sensor, or Neutral safety for you chevy dudes)
- Violet (x2) Reverse lights pass through. 1 lead goes to fuse box, hot in start or run, C110, Pin 25, VT/OG
- Violet 2
lead goes directly to reverse lights via plug c311 which is under the ranger near the t case, BK/PK

- White (x2)
Neutral Safety pass though for starter circuit. 1 lead C110, Pin 31, Tan/Red
2 lead C110, Pin 24, Pink

- Black / White (x2)
4x4 shift (esof) neutral safety wire pass through for 4x4 control module. 1 lead C110, Pin 33, RD/WH
2 Lead, to chassis ground, near wiper motor

Now with all of those identified it is almost time to final install the upper intake!!
Before I can do that I needed to wire up the aftermarket (for the Holley PCM) oil pressure sensor

yup, im deffently going to have to recheck the wires on mine. i will mostly focus on the trans harness because that was the one i messed with.

keep the info coming !

all right so wiring up the oil pressure sensor, 3 wire deal, power ground and signal direct from Holley PCM to the new pressure sensor pigtail

solder, heat shrink and then I double wrap (over the heat shrink tubing) all power and signal wires with tape before conduit. This makes sure no rogue pokey wires short on the joint next to them = overkill just as if it was my own truck!

Now the IAC, we are using a stock Ford IAC, 2 wires, one signal and one power (ACC power, hot in start or run)

image (41).jpg

The holley PCM is kinda designed for the GM 4 wire IAC, but gives us detailed instructions on how to run the Ford IAC
In order to make this work basically you ignore all of the Holley IAC wires and instead you use lead, OUTPUT #4, which is in Holley connector B3, Pin H grey with green. So What I am going to do is move one of the now non used Holley IAC wires (for the gm 4 wire style) and move it to pin H. I have already chosen the purple GM IAC lead #1, the other 3 wires are not used and will be unpinned from the PCM.

So move one wire at PCM (IAc wire 1 to connector B3, Pin H, GY/GN) and then run a solid red to acc/switched power...........already done

Now for the final wiring all the loose wires from above
All loose Holley wires were cut to length soldered...etc..... now hooked up to the c110 plug

image (46).jpg


You can see the two ground wires headed to the stock ground stud near the wiper motor (now pink lead)


Now finally it has been a long time coming and a huge milestone in a conversion like this
The upper intake plenum and spacer are ready to go on final!!!

here are some close up shots I took for Eddie to make him drool, he said I can paint good (I am a classically trained artist and I went to graphic design school)


I even painted the bolt heads after I installed the elbow

had to tidy up the engine bay, lock all wires into their final positions, route all Holley wires properly around the heater hoses and down the spine of the trans.

final wrap on all wiring




Lower intake was cleaned, upper intake, gaskets and spacer was prepared for install
the upper intake gets some plumbing underneath before hoisting it into position


cleaned all parts and added the custom vacuum line that feeds the fuel pressure regulator and the new Holley built in MAP sensor, the PCV hoses and brake booster hoses.
Intake mounting surface cleaned, spacer cleaned, gaskets and bolts set in place and finally install

I have some tricks I use, like for example you must have the rear long bolt in place when you put the intake up there.... I use a plastic clip to hold the bolt up so it does not interfere with teh placement of the gasket, spacer, gasket, and intake sandwich



image (43).jpg

coil tower installed, some detailed shots

with no EGR plumbing it sure is nice to have all the room in the engine bay, makes a nice spot for the Holley PCM to injector plug and Holley PCM to ignition plug
image (42).jpg

image (39).jpg

coil tower in! Throttle cable, shifter cable going in
Now to mount the alternator, AC compressor, Power steering reservoir, belt, fan etc etc finish up the engine bay, put this sucker on some wheels so I can access the cab and get to the dash/cluster/steering column/ and seat install

image (40).jpg

some factory dtrs wiring info for our friends


Above this is 05 Ranger book

Below is 2000 Model (98-01 5.0)

2000 DTRS.jpg

And finally the 97 5.0 DTRS (96-97.5)

Back on wheels and tires!!
Sorry she is so dusty, once the engine bay is finalized I can back her out and give her a proper wash





All wiring is in plumbing is happening
time to finish up the engine side of things
this means LOTS of cleaning parts and looking for the right bolt!! LOL

First up power steering reservoir, was cleaned inside and out

the remaining wires in the C110 plug will be removed once she is running and we decide they are all not needed

coil pack resistor was installed
throttle body and IAC were carefully cleaned and painted

color matched throttle body :)
Oil filler neck is in

Modified throttle cable bracket installed

next round of parts for cleaning

almost ready for a belt

throttle cable in, some vacuum going in, time for the ac compressor and line

everything is dismantled and cleaned.
The washer/overflow tank is easily cleaned with de greaser, if you need to clean the inside fill it with pea gravel and soapy water, start shakin!!

ac compressor, line and shield up next
Nothing better then 104K mile OEM parts!!

cruise control / speed control servo is in
alternator cleaned and going on

ac line is in, needs some heat wrap to hide the ugly

cruise cable, ac line, alternator and alt wiring in

ready for ac compressor

vacuum line modded, I need the feed for the HVAC system (Heat and ac) but we no longer have the EVAP system (fuel tank vapor management) so the vacuum for that side is deleted.

small fine thread bolt with some silicon patches the hole

move some power steering hoses and some lines in prep for the ac compressor

cleaned and final drain of old ac oil

Yeah buddy finally a BELT!!





IAC is dry and installed

Its all the small things

Ready for intake air tube, ac line wrapped with some heat shield

I used the throttle bracket and cover to hide these pigtails, one is for Holley fuel pressure sensor, I have not installed
Second is for a GM style 3 bar MAP sensor if needed, the Holley has a MAP sensor built in we will be using, but if you ever add boost they recommend using an external MAP, so I left the pigtail. They are now completely hidden :)


throttle cover on, overall engine bay! Dang shop cats leaving prints all over the truck..... Its ok soon she goes outside for a spray off








all grounds around the engine bay addressed, ABS pump mounted, all final little things being buttoned up

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Sexy !!