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93 Explorer project "The Hulk"

Ok to give a starting point i want to say that i have had a 91 X that i had the Superlift 5.5" lift on back in 2001 took it to MOAB and had a blast including jumping it 5' yes FEET off the ground at the dunes. However it was unfinished and i was 19 and traded it in for another vehicle and have regreted it ever since. Then in August of 2010 i found this 93 that i purchased for $400 because it needed a clutch and was beat up a bit. So Since then all i have done was a clutch until recently. I started replacing a few things here and there including one front fender which the other needs to be replaced as well eventually. Then i finally decided it was time for the fun stuff. SO i purchased another superlift 5.5" Superrunner lift, the one with the extended radius arms. I also purchased a set of used tires and rims tires are 35 12.50 r15. Then i purchased a set of 4.56 ring and pinion with master rebuild kits for both axles. And i wanted to start logging all this on here for others to see as well as advice. So you know before i get beat up too bad on the TTB i thought about going to a straight axle and i might eventually but i personally kinda like the TTB and this is also still going to be my every day driver, I just want it to be more offroad capable as well. I plan to replace all seals and bearings in both axles MAINLY in front while its all apart, and probably painting/undercoating both axles at the same time. Any ideas on some small things that i may want to consider WHILE im doing the lift and gears to possibly save me some time or hassle down the road a bit????

Thanks for reading if you were able to read through it all just wanted to give a good background. OH YA and i will post some pics soon of the 93 as well as a couple of my first X the 91.

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Ok so the upgrade on knuckles and brakes has begun. I called one junkyard and they said they had several trucks and for the knuckle, caliper, rotors (if good) was going to be 70 bucks per side. When i got there all they had was 2 wheel drive rangers MORONS!! So while wondering the yard cause im a redneck always looking for a deal my wife points out a mazda b4000 and i scoped it out!! PERFECT MATCH just as the rangers, also it had warn manual hubs that i snatched with the nut kits for 10 bucks each, can we say SPARES :). anyway after getting the rotors off i found one of the knuckles was bent and the other cracked from being hit in the front end so back to square one no parts. On a whim and hopeful drive i went to the next pick and pull which was about 20 mins away and again was told they had some rangers but they didn't, They did however have a mazda b3000 and again perfect fit. I wasn't sure what this place was going to charge but was running out of options and time. So i pulled the parts, the rotors were trash but the knuckles and calipers were good so the battle began. I wasn't able to get the abs sensors off without breaking them so i left them in the knuckle, after fighting the parts off i kind of cheated, oh ya i also took the hub nut kit from this truck as well so i have 4 sets of spares :), anyway i bolted the caliper and the spindle back to the knuckle and as i said it had the abs sensors still intact as well, The guy there must not have known that i had 3 different parts because he only charged me 25 bucks per side so i got both knuckles, both calipers, both spindles, and both abs sensors for 50 bucks SCREAMING DEAL. Anyway here are some pics.

this is one of the abs brackets off the hulk that got broken before i bought the 12 pt 6mm wrench.


This is the knuckle from the hulk..


This is what happens if you put a beer on the hood and let your wife beat on the truck with a hammer!!!!! LOL PARTY FOUL!!!!!


This is my gorgeous wife wrenching on the hulk...


This is the knuckle from the mazda with spindle and caliper attatched.


This is a comparison of the knuckles.....



here is a comparrison of the calipers.......


So tomorrow i hope to get the parts cleaned up and painted and hope to get it back together by the end of the weekend!!!

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Then we smash!


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Well I didn't get much done on the hulk today! I got the knuckles spindles and calipers clean and bought, ball joints, brake pads wheel bearings, wheel seals, spindle bearings and spindle seals, new rotors and green paint, its a bit brighter green than I wanted but it'll do. Hope to get paint and ball joints put on tomorrow. I spent the night getting Anthony aka suicide77 hooked up with some warn manual hubs for captain America! Now I gotta get up in 4 hours for work so I'm out!

Gonna look awesome foo. I love the idea.

I think I'd do it all green.


If you don't like it you can always spray it black after.

Ok picked up the rest of the parts, got new balljoints installed and one side of the knuckles painted GREEN, ill put the final paint touches on tomorrow night and should be ready for total install Monday...............to be continued........

Either would look good, I would go with black (hides grease and brake dust better).

Remember to use caliper paint, it is high temp resistant and won't bubble like regular paint will if you happen to get brake fluid on it.

Ok got the backing plates cleaned up! I'm going to paint them black I think! Also ordered a roof basket for the hulk! Back to work tomorrow! On the hulk that is

What basket did you choose?

It didn't cost my anything out of pocket and some miss will be made to it as I get down the road for like shovel, hi-lift jack, and lights but here is a pic! It's a curt from cabelas with the extender! 64" long 37" wide and 4" deep.


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That will free up some room on the beast.