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A4LD scheeches then jumps into 1st gear


April 5, 2010
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my 92 a4ld was popping into reverse, i changed the reverse servo orings, no help, i instaled a recomended reverse servo extender and that helped.

It was not shifting into OD, i installed a modulator value, that helped.

Now when cold when u put it into D u have to rev it a bit to get it into gear, it gives a audible screech then pops into low.

What can i do?

Have you flushed the fluid? If not I would have it flushed and a new filter installed. There may be crap that necks down the passages in the tranny. The fluid being forced through may make a screech. Like pinching a garden hose.

Back flushing with a cleaner and new fluid may clean that stuff out. Chances are though that if its that bad inside, your trans may be worn out requiring a rebuild anyway.