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Corkey's Registry

Log Roller's, Registry,, 56 k get lost,

okay , so , i thought about it, and,,,,,
about time i posted one here,
96 Explorer XL, 4.0 ohv, auto trans, control trac 4x4,
Special Thanks to - gmanpaint, Turdle, and Maniak, to name just a few,
List Of Mods, that made this truck of the month,

-torsion twist , gone now, , Fox Coilovers hold me up now,
-Trailmaster /Superlift combined front end lift kit, with skid plates,
-4:10 gears front and back, Aussie Locker in the back ,
-Cooper STT 33's all around with Dyna Beads inside, On Custom JT powdercoated 16 inch Wheels,
-Superlift Rear Lift Springs, Trailmaster SSV shocks, and custom JT and Gmanpaint swaybar Disconnects,
-Rockcrusher Custom powder coated diff cover, by JT,
-2 sets of driving lights, bumper, and on custom roof rack,
-optima red top battery
-gps for nav with roads and topo
-backup cam
-Kenwood head unit
-Kenwood door speakers, homemade crossovers, extra tweeters,
-amp bypass ,from gmanpaint,
-Kenwood Sirius control box,
-2 12 inch Kenwood dual voice coil subs ,
-custom forum stickers from Blee,
-cb mounted back of console, with custom antenna mount,

this is my Explorer,

engine compartment is all stock , with 350,000 kilometers on the origional engine and trans,

front suspension is stock , with the 2 inch torsion twist ,

rear end has newer springs, i got from gmanpaint, with sway bar disconnects from gman and Turdle, and add a leafs from Maniak,

inside is mostly stock with a few exceptions,
i have a window mounted gps, and backup cam screen , and a Kenwood head unit,

cb mounted to the back of the console,

sirius control box behind the back seat , and one big amp, for the subs

and a couple of 12 inch Kenwood dual voice coil subs,

and 31x10.5x15 inch goodyear wrangler territory tires,


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now your going to feel the cold! lol. HEY, is that the ranger of danger in the background? :(

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lol, good thing it's going to be warm for a week,
no that is not Ranger Danger, that is a parts truck,

Looking great Cork! Great Pic.

Diggin' the new bumper!! :thumbsup:

A few pages ago you mentioned doing something to those chromey plastic pieces behind the rear wheels.. did you ever get around to it? I ask because I think my next set of tires will be 35's (if I find a tires size between 33 and 35 maybe not) and I was worrying about bumping into those, and rubbing the top/inside of the wheel well back there..

thanks for the compliments gents,

i cut them plastic chromie things , but have not finished what i was going to do yet, winter slows stuff down a bunch,,

i kind of hate going to work in the dark and coming home again, in the dark,

what i have planned for back there is take off the chrome piece and cut a pie shaped wedge out of the back metal so it can be pressed back in place at a different angle and rewelded, leaving the lip to put mudflaps of some kind on, just like the front, without the big gap in it,,

the compliments on the bumper are much appreciated, it looks tough, just what i was going for,

now for the deeeetales,
i was contemplating just a quick paint job till spring on the bumper, but it may not stick so good to the chrome finish that is on there as messed up as it is, ,
so i may be planning on taking a sander to it, to rough it all up, than maybe coating it with some black paint, or maybe if i can get down South a powder coat of smoke chrome at the Turdle Ranch, in Kansas

by the way, now i am going to have to go thru my cell phone bill and find the phone number of the guy i got it from , and ask him who made the bumper, he told me, but i have oldtymers or some crap, cause i don't remember,,

if you want to paint it pete, just sand blast it, spay it with epoxy primer, and paint it.

better shot of the front with the new bumper,,
turns out it may have been a Warn winch bumper from the early 90's, called the guy i got it from, he said he had the receipt somewhere, if he found it he would let me know,,

have not done anything new , just drove it a bunch.

In the cold it is very well mannered and drives nice even in some deper snow, like up to 10 inches or so.
The BFG Mud Terrains tires work very good, in snow and on icy highways with a careful driving attitude, i have made several runs into town at speeds of 55 to 65 mph, and i am very impressed with them.

i did change the lighting elements in my roof light bar lights,, i found some 6 inch sealed beam lights that fit the housings at work, i think they are actually for an ambulance , but hey they fit and work very good, not as wide a beam, but that is fine, i will just add another set as 2 on top is not enough anyways,,

I still have the torsion bars on as i was a little wary of ordering new springs for the coilovers than wrecking them in the cold, it seems they springs do not like the -30 to -40 temps,
so i just left the bars on for the winter but will order new springs in well,, spring, probably going to go with a 10 inch 800 lb spring, and a 6 inch 800 lb spring to fill the threads of the coilover up, but still allow full movement of the shock.

they will still expand all the way , but it will take just a bit of adjustment to make sure they compress all the way to the stop,, which i will be putting on in warmer temps,, ,

reached another milestone in my Explorer the other night on my way home from work,

almost there,,

even closer

there it is,,

that's 374,000 kilometers, or 232,392.825 mi.

Holy crap, Pete. Didn't know you had that many miles on the old girl. That's awesome! :eek:

yeah , holy crap is right,, and still on original engine ,trans ,and transfer case,

That's awesome Pete, one of the few and you even wheel it a good bit.

WoW I can only hope to get that kind of mileage-Impressive.

and he didn't mention as well as it has survived some of our brutal winters either.

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well, i guess it was either time , or the cold finally got to it,

seems i may have a blown head gasket, it ran rough and the temp went to the top of the gauge , so i checked the coolant , it was down quite a bit, so i checked the oil, ,
pulled out the dipstick and there it was all covered in a chocolate like coating,

details to follow,,