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Corral canyon august 5th??


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January 14, 2001
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Anyone interested in making a run on saturday the 5th? I am supose to be home from work the end of this week. Im taking next week off of work on my truck. Hopefully I can get my rear locker and doubler installed. And depending on what time allows possibly start on my front winch bumper and maybe roll cage as well.

So who is up for a trip. This is assuming I can get my junk back together. Maybe we can do Bronco hill trail or something else out there.

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I'll wait to see if you're running before I commit. :p

Your just upset I might have my doubler in before you do. :p We need to get that doubler of yours in here soon.

RockRanger said:
Your just upset I might have my doubler in before you do. :p
Might!?! It's a foregone conclusion! :rolleyes:

So Matt, did you go, or are you still messin' with your clutch?

kinda got the clutch working but now the truck wont start. It has been a disaster. Back in fresno for a few days for work so I wont be messing with it till this weekend. Hopefully I can get it up and running next weekend.

I know I'm a little late in reading this, but the entire area is closed. The Horse fire burnt up approximatley 1400 of the 1800 acre park. Pretty much all of it. It it going to be closed for several months.