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George Washington Nat'l Forest - Fall 2010

wish i could make it out there but it looks like i'll be working on the truck again this weekend , hopefully i can make it to a local spot for a little bit of wheelin.

have fun :burnout:

Sorry to hear, man! We'll try and get another run in a couple weeks!

Also, I should update: my buddy needs to be back in DC by 4pm, so I think we'll kick it off earlier. We're now planning on arriving at 9am.

Anyone know how long the trail takes on average?

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Yea, I just went last weekend so I'm prob going to go next or Turkey weekend. Let me know if you still want to meet. I plan on making a whole weekend out of it but if you want to meet me on one of those days here is the closest place to meet. It's only 5 mins from Peter's Mill trail. Good luck w/ fixing your truck. :thumbsup:

Big Apple Amoco, 403 N. Main Street, Edinburg, VA 22824 (AMOCO/BP)
Hours: MON-SAT 530AM - 10 PM SUN 10PM

You can buy the permit here as well. It's only $5.

The trail takes approximately 2 hours providing you go slow and take it easy the whole way. It is 6.3 miles long but some spots are a little tricky and require low range 4x4.

Had a blast today! It only ended up being my buddy and me. Today was successful in many aspects: had a blast, nothing broke, learned more about how the Eddie behaves off-road and how to DRIVE off-road, didn't bottom out, realized how much of a beast a stock Explorer is!

Seriously, I can't imagine some of the things my rig was able to do. The first part of the trail was the most difficult and intimidating for me. About half way in we came around a corner (I was leading) and looked up to see a very steep, mostly rock, ascent. Popped her in 4-Low and was good to go! Granted, I had to avoid a lot of rocks today so that I wouldn't bottom-out my stock rig, but I guess that I picked good lines if I avoided doing so.

Anyway, I'm really glad I did it and look forward to the next outting. Whenever you all head out be sure to send an invite this way!

That's good to hear! So did you guys wind up doing the Peter's Mill run? I'm planning a Thanksgiving weekend camping/run, probably going to leave Fri. morn. after T-day. I haven't decided on the location yet. I'm thinking a little closer to home (RVA) maybe somewhere near Charlottesville.

Yeah, we did Peters Mill Run.

As far as that weekend, I've gotta work Thursday and Friday but have the actual weekend off. Depending how far down you are (if it's worth the drive for a single day) I might be interested.