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Leaf Spring Over Axle


July 15, 2004
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Amherst, MA
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92 explorer xlt
I can't find any old threads, (or at least im tired of looking, so im gonna ask), I'm currently running a 92 expl. with 2" skyjacker coils in front and add a leaf in the back. I think its time to get those spring plates out of the way. I was wondering if anyone had run a leaf over with just a small suspension lift in the front. What i was thinking was pull out the add a leaf, and see how much height i will get like that. I don't want 7" of lift in the back, and 2" in the front, ya know. Any ideas, any leaf springs that can be used to lower the vehicle, so im not getting such a high ride with the spring over axle? Also does someone sell the spring u bolt plates to perform this task. Do people make em, or what?

You will get atleast 5" of lift in the rear with this setup!

i also had a question relating to this. I am currently installing a 4 superlift on my '93 "x". How high would the rear be if i did a spring over with the 4" superlift springs? I most likely wont to it, for a long time at least, just curious for future reference.
Nick Good