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Moab 2023

We ran “Seven Mile Rim” on Saturday - - we opted for a moderate “hard” trail that wasn’t too long or too far away from town.

Line up.

Couple of action shots:

Just as we got to Uranium Arch, we had a fuel pump failure. Took a bit of time to diagnose, but a good crew to figure it out. Two rigs went to town for parts, two vehicles stayed with the disabled rig, and the rest went off to finish the trail.

The new pump solved the problem, and we back-tracked out to the trailhead and made it back at camp by 6:00 p.m.

Not a bad day. . .


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Hell's Revenge/Hells Gate. Videos are too large for the server so I'll have to upload the to the youtubes

It's awesome seeing the fun out there, but depressing that I wasn't in on it. I really need to get the Pumpkin back in shape.

Keep the pictures coming please.

Man it's great seeing you all have fun.
What he said. Looks like I won't be able to make it. I can enjoy it through pictures

We split up today, a big group ran the Big3 and 4 of us ran Metal Masher. Haven't heard if the other group is off yet but I just got back to my camp after our own carnage issues. All good, everyone is back in town from our small group.

Id upload some pics but my cell service sucks out here in the boonies and it won't do it.

Big 3 group hasn't made it back yet. We left early and made it back to camp around 4pm.

Had a little wrenching to take care of tonight, and continued on all day tomorrow. Should be trail worthy by Thursday. Can't say enough for good friend's willing to help a guy out, when he's down. Thanks @KurtECV

Ahhhhh look at all that ifs flex! Hehehehehe
Glad you guys are having fun!

Looks harder now than back in 2007! Erosion? Plenty of rock stacking at the bottom. No way would my rig make that a sucker!! Fun to watch though thanks for posting up pics!!

Broncos are awesome! Even the bii hahahahaha my first time in Moab I had a 3” lift 31” tires and sway bar disconnects that place is fun no matter how much flex you have

On Sunday we ran “Fallen Peace Officer” trail - - it’s one of the newer routes in the Wells book and none of us had ever run it.

There were some decent overlooks, but certainly not too much of a challenge - - one or two ledges that bumped it up from a “moderate” rating, but nothing extreme.

Did see this though. . .

This is the first snake I’ve come across in probably a dozen trips to Moab. Pretty certain it was a Gopher Snake, but left him to his own. . .

Nice overlook for lunch. . .

And this was the obstacle:


Hardly the stuff of legend, but still a fun day. . .


Charles Wells lives three doors down from me. Nice old dude. See him walking his golden retriever pretty often. Legend status! Glad you guys are having fun- definitely a little jealous. Glad that worm didn’t buzz.

Have you tried his app? Fun treks? It’s pretty handy.

I would go shake his hand for sure!!!

Tell him how
Many of his trail guides the dudes at ef have purchased over the years and how grateful we are

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Got back Friday afternoon from another great year in Moab. Good seeing everyone out there!

Wednesday Steelbender:



And back down on the way out of the loop-



Thursday was an easier day for some of the group who ran Rainbow Terrace, Dellenbaugh Tunnel and Long Canyon. (Other group ran Moab Rim)