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Mustang 5.0L and AOD in '93 4x4 Explorer

Hey dudes! I really want a V8 in my baby. After talking to several people, I decided that the best route would be the 5.0L from a mustang and its AOD auto tranny. Now the good stuff. How hard will mating my transfer case up to the AOD be, and will I need an adapter. Also, while I'm working the belly of the beast, what parts do I need and how hard would it be to convert from an pushbutton transfer case to a manual one? I want to use the space for the switches for other switches after the swap, btw. Should I just scrap my transfer case and get like an Atlas 2 or what? HELP?!

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I've got a 93 5.0 from a couger. A built up performance AOD. I got my adapter kit from James Duff to bolt up the 75 bronco dana-20 t-case, cost me just under 600 for the kit.

The atlas is no dought better then a d-20 but for $2k, no thank you!

Any t-case is better then the stock aluminum housed, chain driven, POS!

I wouldn't use any stock drivetrain peices behind a V8 except for the 8.8

Bislamjoe--What is your mechanical ability of you and your friends? This is no cake takes alot of work....

I am not just incredibly mechanically talented, but I'm learning more every day. As for the guys I'll be working with: Wade rebuilt his J**p and is currently thinking of replacing his 304 with a 460. Cliff can rewire a car in about 6 hours or so. Ricky has done everything to keep his little Dodge running (no complete successes, maybe it's just a lemon) including adjusting pushrods and such. I think between us, and a little redneck ingenuity, we can pull it off quite well.

Well, good's the redneck ingenuity part that made me think you'll get it done;)
Good luck....I know i've sure got a long haul on this project and it's all still sitting in my garage

all about the rednecks

I got to thinkin' the other day... (this is a bad sign, a redneck thinking... never good news)... How much would a Triton V10 cost? Maybe I could swap one of those in... lol j/k

V-8 Conversion

It is the way to go...
Look at the Mountaineer with a V-8 and maybe you can use some of the parts. The Mountaineer has a front end on its 5.0L that gives you more room up front, maybe enough to install a mechanical fan.
Mounts are available from a number of sources to include Duff's and L&L, that is if the Mountaineer mounts won't work.

When I swapped a '92 5.0L SEFI in to my '88 Ranger, using the L&L complete kit, it went in like a piece of butter on a hot fry pan.
The headers in the L&L kit are lifetime garranteed and are the best flowing and heaviest(sp) metal of the lot.
The motor mounts have a lifetime garrantee also. This kit comes with a modified pan, allowing for the suspension movement and an oil filter relocation adapter that is rerally cool. Real nice work, but to get the best is pricey.

The transmission adapter can be obtained from either Duff's or Advanced Adapters, work them against each other for the best price.

The wiring was a little confusing, but with Fords manual (I will have to look up the number) for EFI engines into other vehicles it was not as bad as it could have been. The only problem I had was the fuel pump activation, but finally got that worked out.

All in all, it was a worthwhile swap. It has great responce and works well off road also.

Take it slow and do it right the first time...
Keep it on all four,

sandy you got any pics

under you hood? What do you have for drivetrain? Year of efi? Just wondering.

Under the Hood

Sorry no pics.

In the Ranger I have a '92 5.0L FORD, naturally, with a C-4 and stock transfer case, stock axles.
The adapter kit for the motor mounts, headers, oil pan, and oil filter relocation kit are from L&L Products.
The transmission/transfer case adapter is from Advance Adapters.
The radiotor is from Advanced Adapters, special for this applacation (sp).
Shifter is a B&M.
The harnesses are stock Mustang modified to fit the Ranger engine bay.

Under the hood/drivetrain of my Navajo, is a healthly 5.0L, NV4500 trans, Atlas II T/C, Dana 44, Nine incher.

That's about it.


I bought everything from them as well.

L&L Products


Their quality is the best, the workmanship is good too.
I was impressed by the warranty they give for the motor mounts and the headers, Lifetime.
The header look as if I just installed them, after six years of use, no rust.
The remote oil filter adapter both the block and the frame adapter are billet aluminum, not just some cast pieces. I like the block adapter because you can positioned the outlets in any position, some adapters you have to work around where ever the fiottings stop.

A lot of thought and work went into the kit.

How long have you had your conversion completed ?

It's been on the road since dec. '97. I'm having some issues right now.

The damn thing wants to burn rich. I pulled some codes yesterday that didn't make much sense to me.

Drivability isn't to bad. Just the rich condition along with a erratic idle.

I think my MAF wire may have gotten coated with K&N juice. So that needs to be broken apart and cleaned. Probably will clean the IAC also.

Just isn't running like it should, still have to do the KOER test.

Did you ever have to track down a efi probelm?

I would rather take it in and have it hooked up to a diagnostic but "they" (ford) said without a VIN # they can't use their diagnostic.

EFI Problem

I have an idle problem also, out of no where the engine will start to idle from 1500 to 2000 rpm. If I shut it off and start again it's OK. If I am driving I can feel the truck trying to pull away. Nice...

I had a bud of mine who works for Ford put it on the diag machine, no serial # needed, and he gets no response from the computer. First he suggested to replace IAC, I did, no help. Then he said there is a kit available that puts a spacer between the IAC and the throttle body for additional adjustment; I tryed that, no help. So far nothing I have tryed is working.

I have not tryed the mass air sensor clean up thing, could be the "K&N juice" got on it, it is worth a try.

My next step is to try another computer, I hope this isn't it.

After that I need a new rear end, I am looking for an 8.8 out of a Ranger or maybe a 9"er, who knows.

If you find out anything on your idle problem let me know and I will do the same.


redneck my truck is a prime example... look at my SHE IS ALIVE AGAIN below

Hell yeah, bubba. Ain't nothing like a rednecked Ford Truck. :nono: :hammer: :smoke: :banghead: