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Naasau's 1993 Explorer "The Beast"

My goal for this registry is not so much to provide a story of how this build has gone/is going, because that would take years... too many years... but rather to provide an aggregate list of the maintenance/repairs/upgrades that I've done over the years as well as what still needs to be done. That way if anyone sees me headed towards a cliff, they can throw out a warning in time, cause god knows I need all the help I can get.

Now for the nitty-gritty:


[ ] Add additional gauges:
Fix Oil Pressure Gauge
Temp Gauges
Vacuum Gauge
[ ] Replace Dash Gauges (Make 'em Red!)
[ ] Re-engineer Center Console
Include wiring for cab winch controls
[ ] Add CB Radio
Cobra 75wx?
Hopefully something with NOAA weather channels?
[ ] Mount High-lift jack Inside
[ ] Second Row Head-rests
[ ] Install Medi-pack Holder
[X] Replace stereo controller w/ something compatible with Android & Pandora


[X] Tackle Rocker Panel Rust!
[X] Realign front wheel well curvature
[X] Pacer Fender Flairs

[X] Headlight Lense Replacement
[X] Headlight Relay Harness
[X] 9004/9007 Bulb Conversion
[X] Fog lights (PIAA)
[X] Aux. Driving lights (PIAA)
[ ] Aux. Reverse lights
[ ] Emergency (Strobe) Lighting
[ ] Roof rack lighting, for surround flood/workspace light

[X] Winch Mount w/ Grill guard and Brush Guards
[ ] Skid plate
[ ] Front Diff / 3rd member protection
[ ] Rear bumper & Tire Mount
[ ] Rock Sliders
[ ] Roof Rack

Recovery Gear
[X] High Lift Jack
[X] HF Badland 12k winch
[X] Front shackles & Mounts
[ ] Rear Shackles & Mounts
[X] Misc. Recovery Gear (includes snatch block and accessories)
[X] Standard tool kit
[ ] On Board Air


[ ] Cold Air Intake – Sealed w/ Cone filter
[ ] Larger MAF Collar
[ ] Throttle Body Mod
[ ] CPU Chip
[ ] Replace Cat-back Exhaust (Magnaflow pt#11226)

[ ] Dual Battery Smart Management (IBS Dual Battery w/ Microporcessor)
[X] Optima Red Top
[ ] Optima Yellow Top
[ ] Relocate Batteries to custom built box outside engine compartment

[ ] Add secondary gas tank – Run with toggle switch to dedicated pump/gauge.
[ ] Replace fuel injectors

[ ] Black Magic Electric Cooling Fan
[ ] 2nd Tranny Cooler
[ ] In-line Remote filter for tranny
[X] AGR Power Steering Pump + Upgrades
[X] Flaming River Intermediate Steering Shaft
[X] Rebuild Gear Box

[X] 6” Skyjacker lift (w/ dual shocks and JD coil seat buckets)
[X] Optimize!
[X] Dual Piston Caliper Front Brake Upgrade!
[X] Manual Hub Conversion (With Warn Pt#37780)
[ ] C-Clip Eliminator Mod
[ ] Gears (I'm thinking 4.56 in case I go bigger than 33")
[ ] Detroit Truetrac Worm Gear Limited slip (Front)
[ ] LS & Locker Combo! (Back)

[X] Rear U-Bolt bash plate w/ modified Shock Mount
[X] F-150 Leaf Spring Pack Upgrade
[ ] Custom Leaf pack w. full military wrap

[X] License Plate Frames!!!!!


[X] Done!
[ ] To Do.
{ } Scrapped.

Everything else I figure you can figure out.

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Yep, did that. And I grabbed the face plates from the 92. The icons are this burnt orange instead of blue/green, fits my maroon interior better. To top it off, I scratched off the green interior and hit it with red Sharpie, so now my gauges won't mess with my night vision when I'm driving through heavy snow and fog. (Plus it looks cool.)

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I was just reading through that. I may try that since I have an extra set. I like the layout of the older gauges as well.

Pics of changes?

You Sir, ask much of me. Fortunately, I just got home this morning, so I can now oblige you. Pics will follow soon.

Cool, no pressure. Just excited to see your progress... I'm on vacation so I can't work on my own. Living vicariously through your thread.:D

...You could always stop by, if you want. :D

Hmmm, about 2,300 kms...

Not sure I would be able to get the wife to ride her bike that far. Actually, I already know what she would say.

I will promise to drop in if I am ever in the Denver area though!