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need wheel suggestions.....

well guys i just cant decide what kind of wheels to get on my black 2000 xlt

this truck is my daily driver so i dont wanna do anything outrageous with it.

i was thinking 18's or 20's with a decent profile tire on it. i dont want some small rubber band tire nor do i want to screw up the speedo.

so does anyone have any rim suggestions? im open to chrome or black wheels. and can ya suggest tire size?

is there a tire size calculator out there that would help me?

thanks in advance guys :)

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imho, mickey thompson classic II's. look nice, about 100 each.

What is your price range? I can recommend some that are $50/each up to $1,300/each.

well im looking to spend under $400 per wheel

i have though about doing the chrome cobra r replicas, ive always though those looked nice. do those require a wheel spacer?

i like 5 and 6 spoke rims