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New Elite


After sending in my check a while back, I finally decided to see if I really am elite!

With all the tips and help on this forum, I've saved about 50 tiles the cost of elite status. This is a great community, better than having a 4X4 magazine devoted exclusively to the Explorer. Thanks to Explorer Forum and its members I've been able to do repairs that I never would have attempted before and I've saved tons of money. The truck has become a hobby in itself.

Truck is a 1992 XLT, mostly stock, with the rare manual transmission. We're up to 209,000 miles, and I'm shooting for 250,000 now. Its still my daily driver and only vehicle (Talk about living dangerously). I'll post pictures soon.

Bob, amateur callsign WB2VUF


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March 4, 2007
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anaheim hills,california
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95 ranger 4x4/ 91 X 4x4
...congrats bwana bob...can't wait to see your pictures....:D