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Quick Disconnect fuel line leaking


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May 11, 2023
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1999 Explorer EB 5.0
it looks like all the orings broke inside the quick disconnect at the fuel filter (from the tank). I tried replacing them but I dont really know the size, either way it leaked just as bad or worse.

Is it safe (at least for a couple week/months) to just replace the braided line with fuel injection hose and fuel injection clamps? I plan to cut off the braided line at the metal hose and just spce in fuel hose over that and the fuel filter and clamp. If I can get a flare tool in without having to remove the line ill try and put a small flare on the metal line to help with the fuel hose to metal part.

2000 exp sport.. I cut mine back in January because it was corroded so bad it wouldn't come apart. Used a fuel line repair kit from O'rielly's and fuel injection clamps.

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Thanks for the feedback I think you made me realize I was going just a bit to aggressive with my fix. I planned to totally cut out the braided nylon line. I was going to go to the metal line.

Either way I got the parts and line and will repair similar to what you did but i found in stock locally the quick connect with a barb. I think I can cut the old one off and attack to the nylon hose

i repaired it but I ended up having to remove the whole braided line. So 7.9mm I’d fuel injection hose over the metal line 2 fi clamps. Then a replacement quick disconnect with a barb to the fuel filter and another 2 fi clamps.