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Rear brakes lines banjo bolt, what side?

Biker Joe

February 15, 2010
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1998 Sport
I have new rear brake lines for my 98 Explorer. I took off the drivers side and passenger side from the calipers. Now I can't remember what side the banjo bolt goes thru. The flat side or recessed side?

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The recessed side.

I'll just stay with this thread.

I have to replace the hard line from the master cylinder to the rear. Looking at the brake line from the top and down to the frame rail. In the middle of that run there is a portion of the line that is braided and flexible. Does it matter that the new line I'm replacing it with has no braided/flexible section.

Thanks for the help.

You can't get braided sections to replace them. What you should do is make a small loop (a couple inches across) in the line. That will give it some flex.

Yeah, many older vehicles had 2-3 loops of hard line (looked like it had been wrapped around a small can) up at the master cylinder to provide some flex for the line.