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Removing pinstripe covered with clearcoat?

My front passenger panel was repainted by previous owner. There is clear coat over the pinstripe, so i cant wheel it off. How can I remove it? Should i burn through the paint with the stripe off wheel?

I wouldnt recommend removing the stripe if it has been cleared over. You might be able to take a razor blade and remove the stripe, no guarantees that it will look good though.

If its just clear you can wet sand it down till the stripe. I would only use 2000 grit and do it short area to start before you tear up the whole fender. You will have to use a high speed buffer to bring back the paint after you wet sand. If you sand and the debris look white or chalky then your sanding clear, if you see body color then stop immediately because your though the clear.

also...Do not use the wheel to burn though the paint, its really going to look way worse than a mismatch stripe on 1 fender

reminds me of the time I lettered a van for a local business, and a few years later he wanted to sell it and brought it in for lettering removal. Turned out that he'd clear coated it, so I sent him to the body shop for sanding and repaint. A pinstripe is easier since it's a straight line, you could cut along the edges with a razor, remove the stripe, sand down to the paint and touch up re-clear it.

dont burn the paint while removing pinstripe, just find another alternative. i think it wont look good after removing the pinstripe.