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Section525's Sliders

Look like you put them in the ground. Making art? :p


section525 said:
I was thinking about doing those plugs and hercing below the doors. Still don't know if I want to leave the sliders gray or herc them, or paint them black. Everyone says they look primered still. :( :D

When are you going to bring the Sport over to get hacked on??

I just put some little things of masking tape over the holes and then 3 layers of herc to cover them, workes great, and you can't find the holes even if you try poking them...that herc is tough stuff. Check out this page on my cardomain I looked around for plugs for a while and then my buddy was just like "you're over thinking this" and wala

Any up dates yet?

I did the same thing to my rockers (just like the above link)about 3 or 4 years ago and i've never had to redo them. I did put on several layers over a weekend so that i wouldn't have to redo it.