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sn0border88's SAS Thread

WARNING: This swap will be longer than bmxking's :eek:

Thanks to tig for a real steal that I couldnt pass up ($50), it all started with a d44 from a 73' Bronco. This means its drum braked, coil sprung with LP housing complete hub to hub with r/a's.

But, its matching width. :D

Its in great shape as far as EB axles are concerned. It has 3.50's which upon inspection are in PERFECT condition. Not one chip on any of the ring gear teeth. Also the rust isnt too bad, its simply surface rust, nothing damaging. Also most of the bolts so far are coming off very well, only breaking a few. Not bad for 31 years of rust.

So far in the plans are yukon 4.88's with full spool or lincon locker. Disk brake conversion VIA junkyard or broncograveyard, rear XJ 8" lift leafs and heimjointed crossover. To complete the swap ill be getting new cromo shafts front and rear with a new 5on5.5 bolt pattern for the 8.8 and 4.88's with a detriot. Also rounding it out are some new rubbers, either 35" boggers or MT/R's on 5on5.5 steelies/beadlocked pending on the DD status upon completion of the project. And, if it is no longer a DD when I finish, the top is coming off. :eek: :thumbsup:

EDIT with final prices

Upon completion it now had a Fullwidth d44/9" with 36" TSL-SX, 5.13 gears spooled rear and many other goodies.

Gears D44/9" 5.13: $150 from PBB
D44 Master Install: $109.99 from PORC on pirate
9" Master Install: $89.99 from PORC on pirate
D44 Carrier: $60 Ebay
9" Spool: $129.99 from PORC on pirate
1976 f-150 Highpinion Drum Brake D44 : $85 from Junkyard
D44 Disk Brake Outers: $50 from Junkyard
1978 F-150 9": $50 from Junkyard
5 on 5.5 Rims: $20 from Junkyard
4 36x12.5x15 TSL-SX: $ 250 from Pragon Board
1 36x12.5x15 TSL Radial: $18 from Junkyard
Shocks: $100 from Jeff Daniels Jeeps
D44 Spring Perch: $20 Jeff Daniels Jeeps
U-Bolts (Custom) : $30 from local u-bolt shop
Brake Pads/Caliper: $31.77 National Auto
Leaf Spring Hardware: $48 Jeff Daniels Jeeps
Replacement A4LD: $65 Junkyard
Conversion U-Joint: $25 National Auto
Extend Brakelines: $73 from local brakeline shop
Steel: $56

Without what I paid those who helped, plus the gear installs I have about 1,500 into this.

Scrapping the TTB: PRICELESS


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Finesse, yes. Caution, a little. Regard for my vehicle, hells no.

Wasnt it you who finessed the clutch after the ledge? :p:

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Ive decided I wont be taking it out anymore for a few months, time to get it built right, maybe do the cage, defiantly doing histeer, maybe reworking the front suspension, saving money so I can actually afford what I break, ect.

maybe it will come back out for rookies coming home party. :thumbsup: (If he ever does come home)

AHH what the crap! 95exploderboy said his rig is going to be finished in a month or so!!! Don't put yours away!!! Your rig has to be there when we break his in!!!!!! AHHH!!! *explodes*

Working on getting the steering worked out, waiting on some pieces and trying to figure out what to do.

For future refrence, the conversion U-joint part# for the 8.8 driveshaft yoke to the 9" pinion yoke is 353, thats a precision part number.

did you ever get your canvas all finished up?

its better than it was, still has a little more work to do. Ive been rearranging the garage for the last week and doing lots of other little work so since I have a roof to pack it under its been on the backburner.

Understood. Anyways I like the idea of chopping the top like you did. and the canvas idea. One day mine might be getting that same look. A cage would be good too.

Histeer kit is in the mail, 2 milled and drilled chevy knuckles 2 brand new 3/4" rise arms and all the hardware.

IZ, what ever happened to those TRE's?

Are they still 5 lug

the knuckles are from a chevy, but they all use the same spindle so I just use a ford rotor, caliper and caliper bracket.

I think im picking back up with the anti wrap bar idea, I have real problems s-bending my leafs and putting bad arches on them. I broke a leaf on the trail today, luckily I brought a spare.

Where did you pick those nuckles up at? Did you get them off pirate?

yup, ive been scanning classifieds all over the net for a fgew weeks before I finally found a killer deal.

Hey Micah, since you posted pictures of my screw-ups in my thread, the least I can do is return the favor :D




It's a pity I can't post the shot of where/how Micah broke his spring... because it was a DOOZY :confused:

Hey, post them all you want. Im proud of it.

Send me the rest of the pics you have, k thx.

I guess I can update this now.

Im doing some major work on the front suspension, changing spring hangers, adding and anti wrap bar, ect. That should be taking place this weekend, pics when its done.

However, I doubt this truck will see any more major mods. Because ive been bitten by the bug. The Willys bug.

Im sold on the late 40's-50's willys overlands and pickups. Is keeping an eye out and as soon as I can get one, the sploder is gone.

Plans involve:

Current d44/9" from the sploder
38.5 TSL-SX
ford 302-351 on propane
c6 or np435
dana 20 or np 203/205 doubler if there is room.
hydro assisted steering
flatbed (if its a pickup, but I really like the overlands)
leaf spring front
1 link rear on airshocks

My inspiration:






SAS v2.01 is well underway.

More pics to follow.


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Start of the frame boxing, its 4 piece in all, the first I bent to fit around the bottom. I would of made it to fit around the whole frame both sides but my brake press isnt capable of doing that kind of bend.


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I needed stronger shackles, these will do.


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