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Torsion bar motion question...


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May 5, 2013
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Blacksburg, SC
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1999 Limited 5.0 AWD
Hello Gentlemen!

I have a question about something that I can't quite wrap my head around. Do the torsion bars in the front suspension of my 1999 Limited 5.0 AWD only twist, or do they twist and bend slightly?

I ask because the lower control arm torsion bar sockets are outboard of the lower control arm pivot points. So, as the lower control arm pivots through its range of motion, the end of the torsion bar must describe a small arc.

True, false, or otherwise?


Seth K. Pyle

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Very small arc indeed... Probably the torsion bar rubber mounts take some of that away by 'giving'.

Oh, that makes sense.

Seth K. Pyle

This is something I brought up in the modified section in a thread about replacing torsion bars with a coilover setup.

Thanks, Flash!
I will try to find your thread.

Seth K. Pyle