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sport trac

  1. J

    Coil Wiring harness question

    So I've owned my 04' Sport Trac Adrenalin for 6 years now and have done all my own maintenance including plugs/wires, oil changes, transfer case swap, winterizing, etc. Today I was under the hood trying to diagnose my AC System and found something odd. I pulled on a piece of conduit that...
  2. S

    07 sport trac v8 - new board member. Some Minor issues. Need help

    Picked up an 07 sport trac a few months ago. 74000mi it was a "water damaged" vehicle. i was scared when i was told that. Friend of mine went with me to look at it that is a grease monkey gearhead. Truck outside was pristine up close after they washed it. Went to fire it up. click click, lol...
  3. L

    Low or Zero Speed Shudder in Power Steering

    I have a 2002 Sport Track 4x4 with a V6 engine. Periodically, while maneuvering in parking lots or other low speed situations, I feel a shudder in the steering wheel, and a drop in engine speed. Does anyone know what's failing here? Thanks, Lonnie
  4. B

    Body mount bushings help needed

    All, Anyone have any good ways to remove a body mount bushing that wants to rotate in place. The problem i have on my '05 Sport Trac is the front right bushing will not come off. The top nut was easily removed and i got the body lifted up to high enough that i could take it out if i could...
  5. T

    Lift Information for Sport Trac. 2 gen. 08+

    alright everyone. as someone whose been diggin around these forums, and other forums for lift information, tyre size i figured id combine everything ive found and put it all in one place. most of the threads have expired pictures but the information is there, which is what matters! right? the...
  6. S

    2002 Sport Trac in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

    Very clean and great condition. 2002 Ford Explorer SportTrac
  7. E

    01 Sport Trac engine shaking

    I apologize if this is repetitive, but I searched and while I found similar threads they were old and didn't get resolved. Short version: engine shakes at idle/low RPMs, giving it gas makes it go away, goes away completely after driving about 15 minutes, doesn't come back unless it sits for...
  8. M

    Canister Vent Solenoid Location

    Hey guys and gals, I have a 2002 Explorer Sport Trac, with code P1451. It is an emissions thing and a little research says it is either a faulty circuit to the Canister Vent Solenoid (CVS) or a bad CVS. My Questions is: Where is this damn thing located, and how can I fix it to get rid of the...
  9. C

    Motor Swap in 2005 Sport Trac

    Hi all, I have been reading the forums looking for answer and not finding exact answer, my dad is till asking. I have read it is good to swap the 4.0 with 4.0 and not smart for swapping 4.0 with 3.0. But being stubborn as he is, I am now asking the exact question of you guys. Is it possible...
  10. T

    LED FYI 2nd gen Sport Trac

    Hi All, New member, long time lurker. Wanted tip everyone off if they did not know, i used an aftermarket 3rd brake light / high mount LED replacement on my 08 ST (2nd Gen) and the brake light function worked fine but the Cargo bay lighting did not work and poped a fuse. (ebay buy). replaced...
  11. tjtheman007

    How to: 04+ Sport Trac Fog Light Mod (Stays on W/ High Beams)

    Fog lights stay on when brights/high beams are engaged. **Do this mod at your own risk. I take no responsibility if you mess something up or violate any laws with performing this mod.** First, verify your fog light relay location. (Refer to owners manual.) The pictures used here are on my 04...
  12. D

    Finding Keyless Entry Code 02 Sport Trac

    I've just found mine and it's a bit difficult on these models. It's on the CSM, which is inside the dash behind the passenger air bag. Since the sticker is on the top you can't see it from behind the glovebox or after pulling out the radio cluster. You can catch a strained glimplse from the...
  13. tjtheman007

    2004 Sport Trac 302 V8 Swap Prep

    Hey guys, Ok, so I own a Black 2004 Sport Trac 4x4 Adrenalin. It has 209,200+ miles on it and the timing chain is starting to rattle. If I have to remove the engine to repair it, the 4.0 isn't going to be reinstalled. I've been wanting to do a 5.0 swap into the Sport Trac for a long time now...
  14. C

    Moon roof will open, but not close

    Hello everyone, On my 2004 Sport Trac, the moon roof has developed a problem where it will open but not close. It got stuck open, and would open further, but not close. I took down the overhead console and manually cranked it shut. It would once more open, but not close again with the switch...
  15. S

    Help With Lift and wheel spacers

    So i want to lift my sport trac and put some spacers on it. I dont know much about lifts and need help. What are the best ones? Lifts that you have used and would recommend. Any pictures would be helpful, thanks.
  16. C

    Power Rear View Mirrors

    Just bought a great 2003 Sport Trac and the rear view mirrors do not function. I've done quite a bit of research and read a number of different threads. Based on that - I checked the #5 fuse and that didn't resolve it. After that I replaced the switch in the driver side door and that didn't...
  17. H

    Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat

    For Sale Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat. Good condition, front and rear seats. Will ship on your dime. $400
  18. C

    2005 Sport Trac - 20MPG (City)!

    Finally completed my 2 year quest to break 20+MPG in my 05 Sport Trac! On the last tank, I got just over 20MPG, with only city driving, and the truck currently has about 110K miles on it. Thought some of you guys may be interested, so I'll detail everything I did below. - drilled holes in air...
  19. H

    New here! 2002 Sport trac owner

    Hey everyone, I just recently bought an 02 sport trac, and I'm looking at doing some off-road mods to it. I'm knew to the whole mod thing so I don't know much. Right now I wanna give it a two inch lift, and put some nice black rims and all terrrain tires on it. Any suggestions on a good wheel...
  20. D

    Tonnel cover - Trick (s)

    I shook my head, when I ve tried to open the locks on my tonnel cover, then one day, I asked a friend to fist bang the corner of the cover as I twisted the key in the lock AND there's the secret if your lock(s) don't open right away. tap the corner of the sticking lock with you fist. " Just...
  21. K

    How much do you think its worth

    we are dealing with an estate because my wifes father passed away. Maryland law states that if it is not registered before he is deceased in the MVA system, even with the bill of sale for $200 that he sold to a shop is dated prior to death, it gets attached to the estate. KBB does not have an...
  22. J

    Sport Trac engine rattle after replacing timing chains

    Hello, I have a 2002 Sport Trac 4.0 SOHC with 175,000 miles. I just replaced the front and rear timing chains and tensioners after hearing the rattling indicating the cassettes were worn out. It now no longer rattles when starting, but does at differing speeds and rpms when driving...
  23. tjtheman007

    Mirror Swap Question: 06-10 Explorer Mirrors to 2nd Gen Explorer/Ranger/ 1st Gen Sport Trac??

    Hey guys! Any idea if 06+ Explorer/Mountaineer mirrors will swap to a 99-01 Explorer (or a 01-05 Sport Trac or 95-05 Ranger)? I know the 06+ Ranger mirrors should work, but I am wanting a puddle lamp and defrost built into the mirror and some of the 06+explorer mirrors have that. I understand...
  24. tjtheman007

    Mirror Swap Question: 06-10 Explorer Mirrors to 1st Gen Sport Trac/2nd Gen Explorer/Ranger??

    Hey guys! Any idea if 06+ Explorer/Mountaineer mirrors will swap to a 01-05 Sport Trac (or a 99-01 Explorer or 95-05 Ranger)? I know the 06+ Ranger mirrors should work, but I am wanting a puddle lamp and defrost built into the mirror and some of the 06+explorer mirrors have that. I understand...
  25. L

    WTB 2004 Sport Trac OEM Tonneau

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume a tonneau listed anywhere here is going to go quickly, but I'll ask. Anyone know of a good, stock tonneau cover for sale? I'm in the DC/MD/VA/PA area.