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2000 Mountaineer Expedition Build FW D44/9" SAS

My DD has turned into a project vehicle. I am building it up to be a capable overland/expedition rig for long range trips to include camping and all around adventuring. :) We have a few trips tentatively planned already. I just need to get this thing going as we have much that we want to see.
I will be making a roof rack to carry a few items, but most will be carried in a trailer, so to keep from putting too much weight up top. Also, it will be nice to have the roof top tent set up on top of the trailer, so I can unhook and leave the "base camp" in place and go wheeling.

Here is what I have so far:

2000 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0
Black Rock 942 16x8 steel wheels
255/85/16 BFG KM2s load range E

Still needed:
Rear bumper, spare tire/fuel carrier
Roof rack
Trailer (have plans made up, but have other priorities)
and a lot more stuff... :)

Well, thats it. Stay tuned for updates.

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I would step up to the 2.5" airshocks as the 2.0's won't support the weight very well.

In your case I would just run some Jeep coils ans standard shocks and call it good. It would be cheaper and easier since the axle you are using is already set up for it.

That was one question I had. I had seen the fox 2.5s used, and I thought I read somewhere about a 500lb capacity. The RaceRunner 2.0s have a 1000lb capacity. I could be way off on the Fox specs, but thats what I read somewhere.

I had thought about coils and regular shocks, but thought it would be a fun project to try something different. :)

Also, if through my research I find that the air shocks will be unsuitable for highway driving, I will consider coilovers. Does anyone here with airshock experience have anything to say about their road manners?

Hmm... I may have to step up the parts gathering process... I noticed some wear in my wheel bearings up front. I don't want to put money into new bearings that I could put into the SAS. Anybody have a fair used set that would tide me over till the weather clears up? :D

ETA: Does anybody have the specs for the load capacity of one Fox 2.5 airshock?

You might be interested in these:

Supports 1300lbs. per strut and much more stable off road than an airshock. Downside is they are near the price range of coilovers.

I am tentatively planning to use air shocks, possibly RaceRunner 2.0s:
If you do go with the SAW's, paint the body as soon as you get them - they are steel and tend to rust.

Thanks for the tip, I didnt know that. Those ORI Struts are pretty sweet!

I just picked up a manual Borg Warner 4406 on ebay... No more AWD! :D

On an unrelated note, does anyone know if a 4406 will bolt up to a ZF5?

subscribing, I've always liked seeing Explorer guys steal jeep parts :D

Hey, they steal our 8.8s, why cant I steal their fronts! :D

what year is your mounty? Oh, and is AWD sapose to be able to fishtail in snow?

its a 2000, and I drift the heck out of this thing in the snow. :D

Im obviously new to AWD, I thought that ment like 4HI all time? no slipping? please help educate me:)

I am not an expert on the AWD case (4404, i believe) it has a 35/65 split and allows for slippage, kinda like a limited slip.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.

5 of these on the way. I think I will like them better than Cragers or other similar semi gloss wheels, these are flat black. 16x8s.


A 2.0 Airshock is not big enough to support your rig. Average corner weights on a 4.0L ranger extended cab are like 1200 pounds for the front each side (you should be heavier then that). How often is this thing going to be street driven? I would recommend a set of coils and good shocks over airshocks if driven alot on the street.

Yeah, I guess I should have edited that post. A have done a bunch more research since then and will be going coils.

I will change it now, thanks for reminding me.

i would spend a little bit more money and go with the rough country arms, the problem with those arms (thought they are cheap) is that the upper link has a rubber bushing which will limit the amount of flex it has. the rough country ones have johnny style joints and they are also high clearance.


Just some food for thought.

That's funny since I was just looking at the Rough country arms yesterday, and thinking how much more I could get for the money, even though there is less adjustment in the RC arms. I think IronMan raised the price on their arms, and for almost the same price I can get the Rough Country arms with a cross member that I will be able to adapt to my frame, which would simplify mounting the arms in the back.

more changes... :D

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I have a feeling most of that stuff will be useless on an explorer. You would end up modifying everything so much that it would be easier to just start from scratch.