2016 Ford Nationals Carlisle, PA / EF 20th anniversary get together | Page 3 | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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2016 Ford Nationals Carlisle, PA / EF 20th anniversary get together

And myself in 3rd!


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Group shot before leaving sunday


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its about damn time they gave you and andy a placing!

Had a great time and was nice to meet some fellow Explorer forum members. Had no plans of winning but I'll take it lol. Other members have much more work into their truck and are far more deserving. Congrats to everyone for a good looking field of explorers. Looking forward to next year already!

Thanks for posting the results Josh! I have finally made it home and relaxing with a beer - Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Bock to be exact.. Put a solid 1,000 miles on the truck this weekend, ran strong and averaged 17mpg on the highway (@ 67mph)

Very happy that Serious Explorations swept the class this year!

No problem Andy and glad to hear your home and the truck ran great!

Was great to see everyone. (And I stayed awake this year....for the most part.) Wish I got a chance to check out Andy's truck more. We were sitting at the light to leave the Fairgrounds and couldn't figure out where this godly engine noise was coming from. Thought it was a Mustang or something. Nope! Andy's Explorer!